Go Organic with Milea Bath and Body Wellness


By Jovelle Hannah Salvador | Executive Chronicles

Our skin is very important; it is the largest and heaviest organ in our body.  It offers protection from environmental hazards, serves as a raincoat from water, and act like a sponge that absorbs nutrients and it regulates our body temperature.  Because of the important role of our skin, taking care of it is essential. Many skin products nowadays contain chemicals that are too harsh for the skin. It may cause irritation and worsen skin conditions. For people who have sensitive skin, organic products are recommended. Organic products are earth-friendly because they are made with natural ingredients, they can’t cause irritation and very gentle to the skin.

One company that offers quality organic products for a reasonable price is the Milea Bath and Body Wellness, an online family business owned by Mrs. Edilee Omoyon named after  her two daughters Millet and Bea, who are both in college which are also managing their website.

Milea offers variety of organic products including soaps, beauty oils, lotions, cosmetics, baby care products, hair care, foot care, and even pet products. The business was established eight years ago. After retiring from the corporate world, Mrs. Omoyon focused on taking care of her children.  Her son has asthma and they went to different dermatologists, yet, nothing seems to be effective. Because of this, Mrs. Omoyon was compelled to try making organic products for her son. At first, they were not really familiar with organic products, but after thorough research  on the internet, they found out that in other countries, they use natural and organic products to people with asthma and are recommended to use it. They became interested and tried experimenting with local and imported natural oils based on what she has read through the internet. It was effective for their son, so they tried making soaps instead of buying expensive ones from the dermatologist. They also gave their product as gifts for free trial. People acknowledge how good their product is and advise them to sell it. At the start, they are using imported materials since it is what they found available, until Milea found out that there are local farmers that produce essential oils, but they don’t have the market for it. They tapped the farmers to supply their materials instead of importing from other country.  By doing this, they were able to help local farmers while growing their business. From a small number of farmers, they are now getting raw materials from more than a hundred of farmers.

Milea’s goal is to meet the expectations of their consumers and to deliver what they promised. Milea Bath and Body Wellness is a successful business but according to Mrs. Omoyon, success is not only about earning big amount of cash; but success is ending your day knowing that you did what you need to do and being able to  provide just enough for the family.