Go Exploring: 8 Adventure Vacations for Couples

8 Adventure Vacations for Couples

Go Exploring: 8 Adventure Vacations for Couples | Tired of staring at your computer all day and want to get away? With 7.6 trillion dollars being spent each year on worldwide travel, you aren’t alone. Vacation bookings are rising, and so are the number of people willing to take a holiday.

If you have a special someone you are looking to travel with, figuring out where you both want to go has to happen before you can call your travel agent. To put the wow into your trip, finding unique adventure vacations for couples could be what you need.

Continue reading for a quick guide to 8 vacation ideas for couples.

  1. Join a Safari

The Solio Reserve near Mount Kenya is home to around 250 white and black rhinoceroses. Created as a private breeding reserve, you can stay in a luxury cottage for your relaxing couples vacation, with the opportunity for spa treatments alongside daily ventures out to see the rare species.

  1. Ski Trip to the Alps

From the traditional chalet village of Morzine to the largest ski area in the world, Three Valleys, skiing in the Alps is the goal of skiers around the world. Val d’Isere will let you experience the alps from a helicopter with their couple’s vacation packages and then enjoy your evening with entertainment at the live music bar.

  1. Outback Tours

Located in the middle of Australia’s Red Centre is Uluru Rock. Here you can enjoy a hike through the outback, enjoy dinner under the night sky and even skydive over the red rock formation.

Supposing that you want a blend of outback adventure and resort-type fun, you can discover more here.

  1. Beachside Holiday

Apart from surfing and snorkeling, couple’s adventure vacations to tropical islands can allow you to participate in new experiences.

Swim with sharks, take day trips on glass-bottom boats to see tropical fish and wildlife, and kayak to nearby islands. Parasailing from a boat is a great way to experience the beauty of the island from above.

  1. Wine Tours in the Vineyards

When you need a break from extreme adventure vacations, try a leisurely wine tasting tour instead. The vineyards of Italy will tantalize your tastebuds and allow you to immerse yourself in the rustic culture of the country.

Finish your day with a gondola ride through Venice or a night food tour.

  1. Sport Climbing

For the avid rock climber, one of the best sport climbing areas in the world is located in Kalymnos, Greece. There are over 3,400 climbing routes with difficulty levels for almost every climber. Be sure to rent a scooter for easy access to the formations.

  1. Japanese Immersion

Japan is known for its ancient temples and traditional arts. Along with participating in a tea ceremony, eating sushi, and experiencing the cherry blossom season, visiting Mt. Fuji is high on the adventurer’s list.

  1. Iceland Is Niceland

Because of its unique landscapes of lava fields, glaciers, beaches, and hot springs, you can enjoy a different vacation every day in Iceland. At Silfra you will sea dive between two tectonic plates and enjoy the Northern Lights at night from an outdoor hot tub.

Adventure Vacations for Couples: Try It All

With the world offering a variety of adventure vacations for couples, even if you and your partner don’t see eye to eye, you can still find a vacation, or two, that will fill both your adventure buckets. Stepping outside your comfort zone may find you at the edge of your newest great experience.

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