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Canada Department of National Defense – Get the Latest news! | Did you know that the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) spent over $29 billion in 2019?

This figure will rise in 2021 as threats to the world become more and more complex. 

What is Canada doing to develop its defenses? What areas is it looking to further strengthen? Why not read all about it in our in-depth article. 

Current Budget Investments

Canada is by no means an aggressive country with expansionist foreign policy. However, it is also not naive about the complex world that we live in. The DND recognized the threats to national and business security that it poses.

Expenditure by the Department of National Defense Canada supports technological development. This supports the economic, financial security, and maintenance of existing security installations.

The overall view of the DND is to spend preventively. They expend money now to prevent future disasters where possible.

IT Developments

The DND has prioritized the improvement of its IT defense infrastructure. They have engaged competent private companies to provide additional support. One company will provide S-Series Training and product support. This includes Logistics Support (ILS) services.

If you would like to learn more about these engagements simply check out the full article.

Military Training and Cooperation Programs

Defense and security improvements involve both investments at home and abroad. the DND has approved a number of military training and cooperation programs (MTCP).

The DND will deliver this training to 67 non-NATO countries across the continents. These countries have strategic value. This initiative builds relationships now and will provide benefits in the long term.

These training programs are non-lethal in nature. They focus on providing a sharing of knowledge. This in connection to:

  • Peace support operations
  • Language
  • Professional development training

DND provides Peace support training in an international environment. Candidates from different countries join the course simultaneously. They then share their own thoughts regarding the application of this education in their own countries.

Maintenance of Current Installations

DND Canada is progressing and diversifying new initiatives. However, they are maintaining the existing defense infrastructures. These often provide crucial defense capabilities This includes the North Warning System (NWS).

This chain of radar sites stretches across the country from Newfoundland to the border of Alaska. There are a total of 50 radar sites.

This shield of radar installations has provided defense capabilities to Canada and the USA for decades. However, they require constant maintenance. Since many of the radar sites are in very remote locations. This provides unique challenges to the technicians who care for them.

Technicians will travel to the locations by means of a number of modes of transport including rotary wing aircraft. Ground transportation support is often provided by the Canadian Ranger Group.

In the summer months, engineers will stay on-site for up to 10 days to perform necessary maintenance.

This work constitutes a regular expense and impacts the budget each year. However, this type of installation is vital both for Canadian air security and as part of security agreements with the USA.

Norad Defence Exercises

The DND ensures that Canadian forces are ready to respond to threats at a moment’s notice. They are able to ensure this because of the range of exercises that they perform. An example of this are the Norad exercises

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) conducts regular military exercises. the last of these was at the end of March 2021. They conducted them using a range of military aircraft from different countries. 

They performed many of these exercises over sparsely populated Arctic areas. This was so that they did not impact public life. They organized them out of Whitehorse, Y.T., Yellowknife, N.W.T, Edmonton, Alta., Goose Bay, N.L, Iqaluit, Nun, and Thule, Greenland.

The purpose of the exercises is to increase or maintain readiness for various threats. These include airspace restriction violations, hijackings, and responses to unknown aircraft.

The DND collaborated with the US and other Arctic-based airforces for these exercises. They operate carefully under the control of NORAD to ensure their safety. 

Combating COVID-19 Challenges

The DND has worked for decades to protect Canada from external threats. However, 2020 brought an unexpected and tragic threat: COVID-19. 

The DND continues to work in collaboration with other government departments. Their goal is to fully support the government’s overall threat response.

This involves the employment of high hygiene standards within the organization. However, it also involves the contribution of resources to other government departments.

The DND has so far announced 48 agreements to support outside initiatives. This is to the tune of $8 million. These contribution agreements specifically target four areas of concern: 

  • Sanitization of workplaces
  • Improvements in pandemic decision-making
  • Re-use of protective equipment
  • Trauma management

These contributions will support Canadian developers of tools that promote recovery. They are also designed to stimulate movement in the economy. This is the second victim of the pandemic.

Maintaining Vigilance

Canada is the second biggest country in the world. This brings the responsibility to care for and secure large borders. The department of defense has to be constantly vigilant. This is to prevent smuggling and drug movements into the country. 

The Canadian rangers maintain a constant presence through Canada. They do this even in very sparsely populated locations in the north. They monitor for illegal activities or encroachments into Canadian territory.

Everything You Need to Know About the Canadian Department of National Defense

The Canadian Department of National Defense continues to promote national defense development. These involve both military training and awareness. However, they also involve the promotion of good relations with other countries. 

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