Gauging Results of Your Campaigns: What’s a Good Email Open Rate?

What's a Good Email Open Rate? email-marketing-for-small-business

Gauging Results of Your Campaigns: What’s a Good Email Open Rate? | With over 3.9 billion email users in the world, sending emails to current and prospective customers is a great way to get in front of people. Email marketing is a core component of any type of company’s marketing strategy. It can have a major impact on the success of your marketing campaigns and the growth of your company. 

But how do you know if each email is giving you the results you want? One of the statistics you can look at for each email you send is the open rate. Knowing what a good email open rate is can help you measure the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. 

This guide will go over what is a good open rate for email and how you can improve your open rates for future campaigns. 

What Are Good Email Open Rate Benchmarks?

Before we dive into what a good email open rate is, let’s explain what it means. The open rate measures the number of times your email was opened compared to how many you sent out. 

Open rates vary from industry to industry. The average open rate for all industries is around 19.84%. 

Below are some additional examples for the average email open rate for top industries:

  • Marketing and Advertising: 18.5%
  • Consumer Packaged Goods: 18.10%
  • Financial Services: 24.80%
  • Education: 24.90%
  • Food and Beverage: 15.20%
  • Politics and Government: 26.70%
  • Healthcare: 23.40%
  • IT/Tech: 19.50%
  • Media and Entertainment: 20.80%
  • Retail: 12.60%
  • Fitness and Wellness: 21.60%

The average open rates don’t really vary each day of the week. Friday is the best day for sending out emails, with 18.9% being the open rate average. Saturday is the worst day, with the open rate average being around 17.3%. 

How to Improve Your Open Rate

If the open rate of your emails is coming in below average, there are a few things you can do to increase it. Some ideas include:

  • Improving your subject line 
  • Test the length, content, and tone of your subject line
  • Experiment with a more streamlined email design
  • Optimize your emails for previews by including preheader text
  • Test sent time, day, and cadence (weekly vs. daily)
  • Ensure that the email includes relevant content through segmentation and personalization 

When sending out an email, compare the open rate for that email to the one you sent out the previous list to the same customer list. You can gather insights on your emails based on what variables are the same or what you changed. 

Ways to Improve Subject Lines

Subject lines are one of the easiest ways to increase your email open rates. You want the subject line to be unique to whoever you’re sending it to. 

Keep your subject lines short and sweet. Fewer words are easier for people to quickly read and understand. 

Tailor your subject lines to the specific person or segment list that you’re emailing. Group contacts in your database together by common interests. That way, you can send them relevant content that they’ll be more apt to open. 

The person who receives your email should also know what to expect from it by reading your subject line. If they want to read more about what you include in your subject line, they’ll open the email. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to not use all caps or use a lot of exclamation points. You can also include emojis in your subject lines. Make sure there are no misspellings in the subject line, as that’ll automatically discourage someone from opening your email. 

What Are Email Bounce Rates?

An email “bounces” when it can’t be delivered successfully to the inbox of the recipient. A hard bounce can occur when there’s a closed, non-existent, or invalid email address. Emails sent to these types of email addresses can never be delivered successfully. 

Email bounces aren’t a good thing. Too many hard bounces can make you look like a poor email marketer to various email inbox providers. Your emails can start ending up in spam folders, resulting in your emails not getting opened. 

You’ll want to monitor your email lists, cleaning them up as necessary. Remove spam email addresses and ones that are invalid. 

What Are Key Performance Indicators for Email Marketing?

Email open rates are one of the many key performance indicators you can look at when evaluating the success of an email campaign. You should also track your click-through rates for each email you send. 

Whatever call-to-action you have in your email should result in your reader clicking through on one of the links included in the email. Your click-through rate will indicate how effectively you’re phrasing the content about your services or products. A good click-through rate is around 15%.

To improve your click-through rate, implement some of the following tactics:

  • Keep your brand voice strong throughout all of your emails
  • Create stronger email segments so you’re sending relevant content to your subscribers
  • Offer your readers incentives to get their attention
  • Make your call-to-action more clear

Unsubscribe rates are something we don’t want to see with emails we send out, but they tell us valuable information. If your email subscribers are receiving too many emails or the content isn’t what they want to read, they’ll unsubscribe. If you notice an increase in your unsubscribers, you’ll need to evaluate your email strategy. 

Some ways to improve your email unsubscribe rate include:

  • Re-engage members of your email database to maintain the hygiene of your list
  • Keep in mind that list churn is healthy and normal
  • Grow a solid list of email subscribers from the beginning

With all of that in mind, the average email unsubscribe rate is around 0.10%. Study each one of your campaigns to see if certain templates, topics, and subjects lines increase your unsubscribe rate. 

So What’s a Good Email Open Rate?

By now you’ve discovered that a good email open rate is around 19.84%, with the average being lower or higher based on what industry you’re in. If your emails aren’t up to that amount yet, don’t worry. Implement some of our tips and tricks to boost your open rates. 

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