Gathering the Facts: 4 Situations Where Hiring a Private Investigator is the Right Call

Private investigator

When faced with a troubling situation, you obviously want to gather as much information as you can to be able to address the issue and solve any problems. However, there are times where you might not be able to gain that information on your own.

Whether there are logistical, legal, or other challenges, a private investigator may be the person you need to help you. While this might not always be possible, here are four situations where hiring a private investigator can be the right decision.

1) Marital Infidelity

General surveillance remains one of the top reasons for hiring a private investigator, but a spouse seeking proof of a cheating partner has been estimated to make up nearly 90% of surveillance cases.

There are several signs that you can look for to determine if your spouse is cheating: a change in habits, excessive and sudden business trips, coded text messages, and sudden evasiveness are a few of the most compelling and obvious hints that there may be trouble in paradise.

John Cutter states that hiring a private investigator can help you uncover verifiable proof (such as photos, interviews, and financial statements) that may be vital to your case, should you decide on court proceedings.

2) Child Custody Battle

This instance is usually a by-product of the first one mentioned and unfortunately can become much more heated and complicated. In a custody battle, the child’s well-being and treatment are paramount to everything else.

Objective information must be obtained in order for a court to determine the best placement for a child in these cases. This can sometimes be difficult, especially if there is a suspicion that the child is being coached by one or both parents, or if the child has his or her own ideas of what “should” be said.

A private investigator can conduct surveillance that will show natural interactions between parents and children who are not aware of being monitored. Private investigators can also document if there are any legal concerns (drug use, endangerment) that should be considered as well.

3) Missing Persons

Whether it is a family looking for a missing heir or an adoptee looking for his or her birth parents, a private investigator has access to deep resources that can help identify and find missing persons.

In addition, a private investigator will not be hampered by some of the limitations imposed on law enforcement, especially when it comes to the amount of time and resources devoted to finding a person.

4)Employment Background Checks

If you are charged with hiring for your company, or if you run a small business, you want to ensure that potential employees are who they say they are. A background check completed by a private investigator can uncover important information.

Knowing that your employees are being truthful before hiring them can ensure safety, limit liability, or even just reinforce your instincts about a person. All of these will help your company in the long run.

Just the Beginning

There are several other instances where the use of a private investigator may be beneficial, but the four mentioned above are examples of when you really cannot go wrong by calling on a professional.