Fun Ways To Customize Crewneck Sweatshirts For The Winter

Fun Ways To Customize Crewneck Sweatshirts For The Winter
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ExecutiveChronicles | Fun Ways To Customize Crewneck Sweatshirts For The Winter | Have a crewneck sweatshirt in the closet that you can’t wait to wear outside, but it needs something to change the look for Winter? It isn’t difficult to give that crewneck sweatshirt a makeover so that you can wear it in more settings than you currently can. This article will explore several simple clothing alterations you can do yourself to create that new look with the sweatshirts you’ve been wearing.

Toughen Up The Sleeves With Studs

If your goal is to alter that crewneck sweatshirt to give it some attitude, then metal studs are the most logical solution. You should be able to find metal studs at your fabric or dollar store, and the choices will be many. Add spiked studs, smooth circular studs, or star-shaped studs on the shoulders and sleeves to the cuffs to dress up and amp up that sweatshirt.

Speaking Of Studs

If studded sleeves don’t seem to give you the look you are after, why not use vertebrae studs? With the right stud shape, run them up the back and over the top of the sweatshirt for a completely different look. Then, if someone says you resemble a dinosaur, you will know that you have achieved the visual you were after. Think of placement and go from there.

Speaking Of Dinosaurs

If the sweatshirts you are altering happen to belong to your children, how would they like to spend days at school as little dinosaurs? All you need to do is make cones out of fabric scraps, stuff them with cotton and sew them to the back of the sweatshirt to look like stegosaurus spikes. Then, run them down the center of the sweatshirt and make them more prominent at the top than the bottom.

Instead Of Dinosaurs, How About A Shark?

If dinosaurs are not your thing, you can still have a lot of fun and transform a sweatshirt to look like a shark. You can start by adding teeth around the edge of the collar. There are templates and designs online you can use to get it right. Don’t forget to add a shark fin to the back. It’s easy to make with scrap fabric and cotton for stuffing.

Add New Life By Adding Fabric Applique

Let’s get back to transforming your sweatshirt into a new look. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add fabric applique. These patterns and designs come complete and stitched into place. By using the solid color of the sweatshirt as your background, you should be able to find many excellent fabric applique ideas that will spruce up that sweatshirt right away.

Combine Fabric Applique With Ruffles

Maybe you haven’t quite got the look you are trying for with just fabric applique. Maybe adding some ruffles to the collar or the front of the sweatshirt will complete the look. Remember, ruffles will soften the overall style of the sweatshirt, so this idea is best for the ladies. However, your children may think having some ruffles on their sweatshirts is cool.

Now That We’ve Mentioned Ruffles

We’ve discussed fabric applique and combining fabric applique with ruffles. However, we haven’t concentrated on just ruffles. They can go to many places on a sweatshirt. You can add them to the collar, cuffs, front, around the bottom, and across the back; there are no limits to where ruffles can go. You can also choose solid colors or patterned ruffles depending on the look you want.

Add Extra Textures

Suppose textures are more your thing. Have you considered adding a woven design to the back of your sweatshirt? It is a somewhat more advanced clothing alteration that will take some skill to accomplish, but with the correct measurements, a basket-weave design can give your sweatshirt a look that makes it appear more high-end than it is. Plus, it is an artistic touch.

Transform An Oversized Sweatshirt

You likely have an oversized sweatshirt from Bella + Canvas in your closet. Although it is probably your go-to for cuddling on the couch alone, you can make it something new and exciting just by resizing it. With the extra fabric from the oversize shape, you can turn this garment into a crossover sweatshirt. Check for patterns online to get it right the first time.

Crop Top

A cropped top is probably the easiest of the alterations you can make from a crewneck sweatshirt. First, take measurements on how much of the bottom you plan to remove, mark the sweatshirt with lines and cut with scissors. Then, either hem the cut or leave it as is. Either way, you have a crop top to layer under a warm jacket or wear indoors until summer.

Turn It Into A Lace Poncho

Here’s a creative alteration. Search online for directions on how to convert a sweatshirt to a poncho. You will discover that by opening up the sleeves and torso and adding a lace overlay, you can change that sweatshirt into a different garment. The best part is that the changes are easy and don’t require a lot of extra material.

Give It A Whole New Color

All that sweatshirt needs is a facelift; you can easily do this by dying it another color. Or, you could create a funky look with tie-dye. If you need help, search online or stop by your local craft store. Then, pick up clothing dye, follow the directions on the package carefully, and that’s all you need—water in a sink and access to a washing machine afterward.

Final Thoughts

Need to change up your wardrobe a bit, and all you want to do is make some alterations to the sweatshirts you already own? As you can see, there are many ways to give that sweatshirt a fresh, new look. The incredible thing is that the suggestions listed here will cost little money. So that’s making a cost-effective improvement to your wardrobe.

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