From Jakarta to Raja Ampat, a retreat to nature

Where to go in Jakarta | From Jakarta to Raja Ampat, a retreat to nature | Jakarta is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. It is a peaceful metropolitan, where 100 million people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds live harmoniously. In the morning, millions of people commute to the city for work and make an exodus in the evening. Jakarta is located in the northwest of Java Island and urbanized, rapidly absorbing neighboring villages. Jakarta is an amalgamation of villages, known as Kampung, connected through highways and roads. Take the stroll down the streets to soak in the local experience; you can reach from an avenue to a narrow street crammed with cars and motorbikes. Jakarta is a metropolitan city in a real sense.

Places to stay

Central Jakarta is a business and tourist hub; major tourist attractions like; the National Museum, the National Monument, and Istiqilal mosque encircle this area. Most hotels in Jakarta are situated around these attractions. There are 5 stars, 4 stars and budget hotels in Jakarta.4 star hotels are exquisitely decorated, hospitability is admirable, and offers an array of impressive service. Budget hotels provide reasonable tariffs, excellent service, complimentary Wi-Fi, and shuttle service from and to from the airport.

Raja Ampat- the Four Kings

If you are bored to death with the silhouette of skyscrapers, the crowded, chaotic urban life, snarling traffic, flickering billboards, never-ending maddening noises, then come to Raja Ampat. The pristine paradise, where Mother Nature welcomes you with open heart and hands, local people’s hospitability is heartwarming. The terrain above and beyond the water awestruck you with its wonders. The words beautiful, bravura, charming, and enthralling manifests over here. 

Raja Ampat meaning “The Four Kings,” is an extensive group of 1,500 small islands located at the northwest end of Papua, the eastern island of the Indonesian archipelago. A myth is embraced with Raja Ampat; the folk tells a woman found seven eggs, four hatched to become emperor of four chief islands, the other three turned out to a woman, ghost, and a stone.

If you want to explore the unknown world of underwater, Raja Ampat offers some unique and ultimate experience. The Four Kings Island is the home of 540 kinds of coral, 1,000 coral fish types, and 700 sorts of mollusks. This beautiful kingdom sprawls over 9.8 million acres of land and marine. This underwater is a vivid library of the world’s coral reef and submarine biota. According to the report published by The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, 75% of marine species survive here.AS you dive, the doors of the mysterious world open up. Schools of tuna, trevallies, snappers, and batfish dance around you to natures flute.

How to reach

You can take a flight from Jakarta to Sorong, located in West Papua province. From Sorong airport, take a cab destined for the ferry harbor. There are three ways to travel from Sorong to the Raja Ampat islands. Three companies ply ferries between Sorong and Waisai, which is the capital of the Raja Ampat regency. Susi Air flies twice a week (Monday, Friday) between Sorong to Waisai. You also have the option of chart