Fresh Ideas for Glampackers – Add that Verve to the Trip


Heather Block, ExecutiveChronicles |The best part about being a glampacker is that they never run out of pocket. Unlike a backpacker, who needs to save necessary bucks before planning a vacation, a glampacker enjoys lavish traveling options to choose from.

Be it an all-inclusive package, airbrushing kit or a pair of kitten heels; glampackers make it a point to have an elaborated spread in their build-up to the trip.

Today, we take a look at some exciting ideas for glampackers to add some spice to their trip. Not just it adds that extra zing but also helps them to explore the unexplored, at the same time keeping their experience as rich as it can be.

Experiencing the High-Street Experience – Not necessarily glampackers have to pick their favorite things or do all the shopping at a luxurious mall. Some of the best brands and fashion houses operate under high-street roofs.

Generally, these spaces have some of the highest rents in the country, purely because of the business potential they hold.

In addition, these markets are appropriately crowded with variety and options. Glampackers can pick some of the best heritage souvenirs from here.

Including Adventure Sports – People like to enjoy different activities when out in a new city. If they have chosen a destination near the sea-shore, then they can’t afford to miss some water adventure.

From surfing to body-boarding, kite surfing, wind surfing, wakeboarding and what not, water sports is a life-time experience to brush with water waves so closely.

Certified instructors and guides are readily available at designated beaches who can quickly teach the basic stuff.

Glampackers would any day be wary of safety gear. Isn’t it?

Rest assured, the instructors don’t let anyone hit the water without the necessary equipment.

Trying the Other Side of Country Kitchen –

Food and good food is what makes a trip flavorsome. Glampackers ensure that they pick the best of the hotels for their vacation.

Living in plush resorts, glampackers can easily ask the chef to make their favorite dish but trying the local cuisine is the real delight.

When there is a chance, they must visit food joints in a near-by street. Especially, if they are to smell the spice and aroma of the small-town dish.

Not asking to comprise on health. Popular dishes these days are often healthy. They are mostly low on cholesterol, salt and sugar.  

Exploring the Peace at Countryside – Usually, it’s the monuments and historical places along with amusement parks that are the centre of attraction.

Planning a day or two to explore the village side would be a memorable experience. The peace and relaxation that is distilled out of a spa at the resort can easily be measured with the calm and tranquility at the greens.

Away from the busy urban, healthy things that are performed for everyday peace can be easily learnt here.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do – Adapting to the customs of the place is always fun and revealing. Instead of draping in with the regular designer stuff, hitting the near-by market in a local costume would make it more fashionable and exciting.

And that’s when you take the most number of selfies

Networking on gadgets and mobile apps is fun but sharing ideas in person is the ultimate gratification. Glampackers must try and make friends on the trip. They can be a great source of information and offer more than the professional guide.

Though it’s difficult to learn the native language in a small span but every-day greeting phrases can easily be remembered.

Welcoming the room attendant with a ‘Bonjour’ instead of ‘Good Morning’ would certainly make his day. ☺