Freelancing Do’s and Don’ts Part 2


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

Part 1

3. Avoid being a Rush-yan

Customers will always tell you that the project needs to be finished soon, or they need it tomorrow instead of next week. Don’t take rush projects. You risk of inconveniencing your clients with the quality of work that you produce.

Anything that you do for a client always leaves a mark on their minds. Stay within your standards of quality. Be open with your clients. Adjust when needed.

In freelancing, your reputation will always be in the line.

Although we do understand that freelancers market themselves to get more projects, not meeting project goals and client expectations will always prove your work as a freelancer. Clients get disappointed whenever the quality of work that you have done for them is bad.

4. Not A Business Mindset

Freelancers are business owners. Freelancing is a business. Train yourself to become a businessman. Protect yourself with proper business documentations. Documentations such as contracts protect you and your business if there are some points of disagreements in a project.

Refrain from handshake deals that may erode your reputation if you fail to deliver according to the expectations of your client. Make sure that the scope of the project, the deadlines, modes of payment, intellectual property conditions are stipulated in the contract.

5. Building Long Term Client Relationships

Ensure that you develop long term client relationships immediately. Failing to do so will be catastrophic to your freelancing gig.

Think about this. Your sales team or your agent fails to find new customers for you. What will you do if you don’t have an existing customer base? See what I mean?

Continue to grow your network of potential new employers. Allocate a time to build relationships with existing and new customers. Projects are meant to end sometime. Don’t stop looking for clients.

Freelancing is like an investment business. The more clients the better. Never put your eggs in one basket. Acquire more baskets.