Freelancing Do’s and Don’ts


Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

The economy is worse than ever. Companies are now finding ways on how to minimize overhead costs, and that is the reason why a large chunk of the modern day workforce is shifting towards freelancing or outsourcing. Professions that we use to find in large corporations are now shifting towards the work from home options. Professionals in almost every industry are finding ways to make money with their skills and expertise by accepting projects here and there, without the hassles of being confined in an office room working for one employer.

If ever that you have considered freelancing, the first thing that you have to consider is the current rates for certain types of work or projects. The possibility of making a newbie freelancer mistake could hurt your reputation among possible clients.

Here are a few things all freelancers should think about if they want to succeed in the freelancing business.

1.Charge appropriately

A lot of Filipino graphic artists are encountering problems when it comes to rates, newbie freelancers sometimes nose dive on rates. This practice hurts other professionals in the graphic editing industry. Customers will have the notion that this job can be considered as a low paying job, because of the wrong habit of enticing prospective clients to hire you hurts the competition, which of course, hurts the industry.

Artists should know their worth. Make sure that you have a clear idea on what sets your skills apart from others who do the same freelancing job. Although this might work at first, the impression that you charge low will begin to be know by ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

Charging too much is bad for you business too. People can easily identify if they are getting their money’s worth. Experience and talent will always determine if you are worth every penny that you get from your services.

2.Taking too much work

Don’t be a yes man. Say ‘No’ if your workload is too much already. Know your limits, and refuse projects that you could not do within the allocated timeframe. People will respect you even more if they know that you are honest with them.

Remember that quality work means bigger pay. If people think that you are good with what you are doing, they will probably give you more work or refer you to their network. Overworking ourselves does have a negative effect on the quality we committed to do.



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