Four Simple Tools All Businesses Should Use

IT Support for Businesses: The Basics Explained Four Simple Tools All Businesses Should Use New Businesses Executive Businessman Laptop - Executive Chronicles| Four Simple Tools All Businesses Should Use | With the digital world ever-evolving, new tools are released to help businesses function better each year. From software to help you run your accounts to specialized HR and payroll software, there’s barely a department or a task within your organization that cannot be automated and streamlined with technology. 

In this piece, we’ll be looking at the four software tools that all businesses ought to be using in 2020, explaining their benefits and showing you why you should onboard these labor-saving products today.

Cloud Cybersecurity

We’ll start with the most essential of all the tools in your arsenal. Being able to block hacks, data phishing, and other malware intrusions into your business should always be a huge priority for your firm. As you’ll know, being without cybersecurity puts you at risk from hacks that can expose your clients’ and customers’ data; and this, in turn, can lead to terrible PR stories and even large regulatory fines. With cloud-based cybersecurity, you can be sure that your files are protected online and with your remote working setup. This is paramount for 2020 when more and more employees are exchanging messages and data over the cloud.

Live Accounts

There are several ways a firm can measure their accounts and understand the cash flow within their business. You’ll of course want to stick with your accountants who ensure that your financial figures are appropriately aligned for tax and regulatory purposes. But for live, real-time accounts, you can use software to help you understand the peaks and troughs in your business sales. Whether that’s in the form of an eCommerce tool that helps you monitor web traffic and sales, or a more advanced accounting and budgeting app for businesses, being able to access your financial data at any time and in any place is incredibly useful for businesses.

Product Mapping

When you’re a business developing new products, lines or services, it’s difficult to peer through the mists of time to the point where you can confidently say that your product will be at the launch phase. Plenty of work has to happen to get a product from ideation to the final release stage and you’ll know that it helps a great deal to map those stages out. As such, use product roadmap tools to help you get to grips with your timeline, planning work and objectives weeks and months in advance on your app.


Finally, when you’re employing a number of different people — some freelance, some contracted, and all on different wages — you need smart software to ensure that you’re paying your staff the correct fee each time it comes to the start of a new month. For companies across the world, payroll software has become a huge hit, saving HR teams many hours in getting the right amount of cash to their workers. As such, if you’re not already using a payroll software, this comes highly recommended as a time-saving facility. 

There you have it: four important software tools that any business can benefit from in the 2020s, taking your business into a more efficient and effective future.