Forex Trading Platform Metatrader 4 Abilities

Forex Trading Platform Metatrader 4 Abilities day trading trading tool

ExecutiveChronicles | Forex Trading Platform Metatrader 4 Abilities | Forex trading is gaining wide popularity all over the world. According to statistics, the total market value for the period 2016-2019 had changed from $1.934 to 2.409 quadrillion. Forex offers merchants the opportunity to trade 170 different currencies (including cryptocurrencies). The dealers can enter into market transactions around the clock from anywhere where there is a stable Internet connection.

To open a Forex account, the traders should contact a brokerage company. On the broker’s website, they can download a suitable trading platform. Among the most popular ones, they mark MetaTrader 4. The dealers can MT4 download for PC, e.g. by visiting MetaTrader 4 attracts traders with a clear interface and user-friendliness.

Main MT4 Advantages List

The platform does not take much time to install. The user simply needs to download and run the setup file. Next, the traders would only have to set the interface for themselves. After that, the platform will be ready to conquer the currency exchange.

Low System Requirements

MetaTrader 4 will work properly on a PC with the following settings:

  • RAM of 256 MB or more;
  • CPU with a minimum frequency equal to 1.7 GHz;
  • hard drive of 50 MB or more.

MT4 stands out for its versatility. The software may be installed without any problems on the computers running Windows, macOS, or Linux. The platform is compatible with all popular browsers (Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari).

Other MetaTrader 4 Benefits

MT4 is suitable for newbies and experienced merchants. This is due to the quality support availability as well as the simple navigation. Also, it’s important to mark the following things:

  • Extensive charting options presence MT4 provides the users with a great diagram tools amount. This benefit allows for a better analysis of the technical market aspects.
  • Different linguistic versions availability by doing so, the traders from different countries can use the platform in their native language.
  • Fast access to the main features — as a result, the merchant may receive information about the account status, the transaction history, and so on in seconds.
  • Modern communication tools presence — the benefit allows managing multiple long message chains.
  • Expert Advisors availability — this is an embedded addition that automatically provides business councils (if necessary).
  • Ability to personalize the platform MT4 can be configured individually according to the user’s needs. The trader can create personal indicators and e-counsellors. That makes the trading process incredibly handy.

Additionally, it’s important to mark the MetaTrader 4 high safety level. User information and transactions in progress are encrypted through advanced digital security protocols. So, account hacking or leakage of personal data probability, when using MT4, is almost impossible.

What about the Mobile MetaTrader 4 Version?

MT4 may be installed on a portable device. The platform’s mobile version is compatible with Android and iOS. Traders can download the application by visiting the App Store, Google Play, or AppGallery.

However, experts advise to use the mobile version with caution. Hacking a portable device is easier than a PC. Therefore, the merchants are strongly discouraged from connecting to public wireless networks. Furthermore, the specialists don’t recommend using mobile devices for transactions with especially large sums of money.

Additional MetaTrader 4 Features

In addition to the basic functionality, traders can use the software for testing the electronic advisers. To begin the verification, the dealers just need to select a robot and set the required analysis parameters. After completing the calculations, the users can compare the results with the actual indicators obtained in real market trading conditions. The other additional MT4 opportunities list includes:

  • Ability to improve the software through various useful scripts. The letters will help automate the routine processes execution (for example, Stop-loss and Take-profit setting, etc.) as well as save time.
  • Possibility of sound signal installation (Trading – Alerts). The notifications can be set, e.g. in cases when the price reaches the desired level. With this approach, there is no need to wait for the necessary indicators, sitting at the PC screen.
  • The capacity of reading the fresh news (Market – Trading).

Developers are constantly improving the platform. All the updates are downloaded and installed automatically. If necessary, the user may disable automatic renovation.

MetaTrader 4 Customer Reviews

According to statistics, MT4 is used by about 54% of retail traders. Among the popular versions, the dealers prefer the variant for Windows (they can download it, e.g. on the FBS company website). Additionally, the software users note the following things:

  • opportunity to sell not only currency but also precious metals;
  • availability of all the options necessary for trading;
  • stable operation even during peak hours;
  • lack of problems with the money withdrawal and the account replenishment.

Beginners also speak positively about MT4. According to most newbies, they can use the trading platform almost immediately after installation. The beginners also note the high-quality and prompt support, as well as the possibility of learning the trading intricacies using MetaTrader 4.