For Busy Bosses: 4 Ways to Pump Back Your Health


By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Being the boss means dedicating your time, effort, and energy to the company and for the welfare of your subordinates. But it does not mean neglecting your health and wellness.

So here are some tips to be a healthy boss:

Pay attention to what you eat.

One of the most neglected aspects, when you’re busy being the boss, is your diet and nutrition. You may not feel the physical effects at first but over time, your health will suffer from the effects of not skipping your meal, a diet full of caffeine, refined sugar, and carbonated drinks, and lack of water. If you can plan activities to achieve your managerial tasks, then you can plan healthy meals that are easy to prepare.

Try fruit smoothies instead of sodas; drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself; prepare fruit and vegetable snacks instead of chips and pastries. Invest some time in loading your body with nutrient rich foods which can also enhance your overall performance as a boss.

Stay committed to working out.

If being tired from work is always your excuse for not working out then you must push yourself to at least try to work out even after what seems to be a very busy day. You can feel the difference between working out after or before going to work compared to going straight to bed after work. You can also insert workout activities during breaks.

This can include “exercise”, walking, and stretching, Engaging with some strength or resistance training or even stretching and flexibility exercise leaves you invigorated and be more productive as a boss and can improve your health.

Stay out of bad habits.

Aside from evaluating what you eat, you also need to evaluate your habits while at work. Are you a smoker, social drinker, or binge eating while stressed? Do you spend much of your time on your social media?

All of these addictive habits can also harm your overall health. So in addition to planning your meals, you can also start planning how to quit your bad habits, and replace them with healthy habits such as working out, reading, listening to e-books etc.

Keep stress to a minimum level.

Being the boss has its own perks and disadvantages. Although you have the prestigious thing going on but this can also mean a lot of responsibility, even taking the blame for your employees fault. The stress brought about by being the boss is not so prestigious at all.

Stress itself is not that bad for your health. In fact, it’s how you handle the stress that has an impact on your health. You have to set realistic goals, separate the tasks that must be done immediately and those tasks that can be delayed, and learn to delegate tasks to your subordinates.

Finally, do not let your responsibilities as a boss take over your whole life, especially your health. Your work, your tasks and your goals can wait. But if your health suffers, your other roles in life also suffer. Remember, you are not just a boss.

You may also be a parent, a daughter or son, a friend and you need to take care of your health in order to fulfill these roles.