How to Find the Perfect Family Accommodation for your Next Trip

Perfect Family Accommodation

Just as how you plan your out-of-town vacation meticulously, you would surely choose an accommodation that matches your expectations. And if you’re out for a family trip, you’d surely choose a place where every family member would feel comfortable. To avoid the vacation hassle, here are tips to find the perfect family accommodation:
If you’re bringing along a large and extended family, size matters.

The perfect family accommodation should be spacious enough for a cozy stay with all the relatives you’ve brought along with you. If you’d like to stay together in one place, you could consider apartment suites and bedroom lofts. If you prioritize privacy, one and two bedroom apartment suites would be great.
Facilities and amenities must also be considered.

Filipinos are usually resourceful when traveling. They pack food during the vacation to prevent unnecessary spending. Why not consider staying in accommodations that offer kitchen appliances like microwaves, electric cook tops, refrigerators, rice cooker and dinnerware sets so you could dine together just like how you do it back at home? This will save you from dining at overpriced restaurants.

Cool crew, warm service

Families who travel spend most of their time chatting and having fun on the road as well as visiting beautiful tourist spots and magnificent sceneries. After a tiring day, guests should be able to choose a hotel where the crew shows genuine hospitality and warm service. Azalea Baguio is a perfect family accommodation which offers a secure, cozy and relaxing place to stay.
Recreation and luxury

If you’re just staying in a hotel to let the night pass, you’re lucky if you’d get to book for a room with lots of perks. The perfect family accommodation offers free usage of their swimming pools and kids’ play area. This is one perfect way to have quality time with your family, especially the kids, without having to worry about time and money. Another plus is the WiFi connection, which everyone else needs. You could use the hotel’s WiFi connection to be able to upload recent photos of your family picture enjoying a sumptuous meal at your hotel room, right?


Azalea Hotel and Residences, located in Baguio and Boracay, is a good option for your hassle-free family trip. Pack your bags, book a hotel room, call your family and relatives and head on to your next family destination!


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