Filipina Power to the Nth Level


Patricia Aleckzandra Tenioso |

Women have been labeled as the “weaker part of the society” for quite a long time. In the Philippines, most of the families still follow the patriarchal rule. But this does not stop Filipinas from proving their worth not only in the country but overseas as well. Recent studies show that one of the most conducive countries for women is the Philippines. According to the report by the International Labor Organization, more jobs are readily available and created for women in the Philippines.

We, Filipinas have been proving our value to the society. Proofs have been recorded on history books, and taught in schools. Filipinas have actively participated in freeing the country from Spain – treating the wounded, keeping important documents safe, and fighting in battles.

Today, Filipinas continue to climb the ladder to success. In line with the celebration of Women’s Month this March, here are some of the woman who have given the society what woman can do.

  • Photo from Sen. Santiago's Facebook Page (photo by Menchit Ongpin)
    Photo from Sen. Santiago’s Facebook Page (photo by Menchit Ongpin)

    Miriam Defensor Santiago – A lawyer, a former trial judge, and a renowned constitutional and international law expert, the senator and presidential candidate’s accomplishments are too numerous to count. These accomplishments include being voted 100 Most Powerful Women in Asia on 1996, the first Asian and Filipina elected judge of the International Criminal Court, and stood up against big people in the government. Not only is she known to be a brilliant, straightforward and tough person but also funny and witty. She is known for her famous lines in the congress and on interviews. Indeed, the presidential candidate has shown every Juan that women can intimidate man.

“Why did man climb Mt. Everest?  Because it is there.  Why am I fighting graft and corruption?  Because it is here!”—Santiago’s answer after being asked on her dogged anti-corruption campaign.


  • 12813999_1112902295407650_2808311705489639053_n
    Photo from Sen. Poe Facebook Page

    Grace Poe-Llamanzares – The charming and respected adopted daughter of the late DaKing Fernando Poe, Senator Poe has proven her spot in the legislature through her transparent public service. Her advocacy, like the “Sustansya sa Batang Pilipino Act” and the “Free Mobile Texts During Disaster Act”, aims for an inclusive growth for our underprivileged. She also sponsored the Freedom of Information bill which she believes to be the solution to the Philippine’s corruption problem. Last 2013 election, she topped the senatorial election and was since known as one of the active senators.

“You can’t have that attitude “I’m a woman so give me special treatment”. If a woman wants to be treated the same way, show people you have what it takes.” 


  • Photo from
    Photo from

    Kim Jacinto-Henares – The “Man of Steel” of the Philippines, BIR Commissioner Kim Henares is one of the most powerful woman in the Philippines for heading the country’s most-feared office. She has the power to rule over big personalities and proved that nothing is certain but death and taxes. Not only is she the head of BIR, Commissioner Henares was also conferred the rank of lieutenant colonel of the Philippine Air Force last 2015. Air Force spokeman Col. Enrico Canaya once said in a phone interview that she is an icon of government service.

“For as long as I’m doing what is right, you can never make people happy. And siguro, I’m happy to contribute to the conversation.” – Henares on collecting Pia Wurtzbach’s taxes


  • teresita sy-coson
    Photo from

    Teresita Sy-Coson – For four years, she has been included by Forbes Asia’s Power Businesswoman, and was listed as one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in the World of Fortune Magazine. She is the daughter of the richest man in the Philippines, Mr. Henry Sy; the chairperson of BDO Unibank; and the vice-president of SM Investments.

“We grew up in a very demanding environment. Dad expects us to prove ourselves… so my siblings and I worked hard to reach what we have today and I guess we have to continue working hard to maintain it.” 


  • Photo from
    Photo from

    Charo Santos-Concio – Everyone has heard of the Maalaala Mo Kaya host and the former president of the country’s largest entertainment and media conglomerate, ABS-CBN Corporation. Not only is she a top caliber actress but she was also a cum laude of St. Paul’s Manilaand completed an Advanced Management Program at Harvard University. She also worked for top television production such as BanCom, Audiovision, Vanguard Films, Regal Films, and Vision Exponents.

“It is not over until the battle is won.” 

The above mentioned list are just some of the Filipinas who have proven their place in the society. With hard work and perseverance, one can really achieve their goals.