The Features of a Four-Star Hotel

    Four-star hotel - Executive Chronicles | Have you ever wondered why a hotel is classified as a four-star hotel? Hotel ratings are used to classify hotels according to their quality. From the initial purpose of informing travelers on what basic facilities they can expect from a hotel, the objectives of hotel ratings have expanded to focus on the hotel experience as a whole.

    Four-star properties are generally considered to be above average in terms of amenities and service. In the Philippine setting, a four-star rating means the accommodation is deemed to be “very good,” has more spacious public areas, higher-quality facilities, and a great variety of services.

    These four-star hotels are usually large, formal hotels with smart reception areas, front desk service, and bell top service. These hotels are usually located near other hotels of the same caliber and are usually found near shopping, dining, and other major attractions. The level of service is well above average and the rooms are well lit and well-furnished.

    Here are the other features of a four-star hotel:

    Guest Rooms

    Four-star hotels usually have upscale furnishings, luxury bedding, and other amenities like hairdryers, high-end bath products, flat-screen televisions, state of the art electronic devices, and high-quality towels. The size of the room may vary based on location.


    Any four-star hotel should offer a knowledgeable concierge, a bell desk, and valet parking. There are plenty of companies that offer valet parking. If you are in Miami then the hotel should have the best Miami valet parking company they can find. The concierge at this level property should be able to provide information as well as help with planning by making reservations. Front-desk service should be above average.


    Beds have high-quality linens, including either washable duvets or triple sheeting. Pillows are luxurious and numerous. Turndown service is provided.


    Showers do not have plastic curtains and fine toiletries are beautifully displaced. Space is more than adequate for two people, with plenty of storage. Robes and towels are plush. 


    Getting food at a four-star hotel should be easy. This level hotel should have a sit-down dining restaurant, a lounge, and room service with extended hours. It is likely that the on-site restaurant offers fine dining, while the lighter fare is available in the lounge. Many higher-end properties now also have coffee carts or specialty snack kiosks in their lobbies. Some properties will offer continental breakfast and or happy hour delicacies.


    A four-star hotel should have a pool and fitness center, and many also have full-service spas. If these services are not available on-site, many four-star hotels have tie-ups with gyms and/or spas that are usually located in the vicinity. A high-end gift shop is also often available. Valet parking and/or garage service is also available.

    Business services 

    Not every four-star hotel offers a full range of business services but should have the current technology and a business center available for guest use. Larger hotels will also have the start of the art conference space.

    While some of these amenities and features are good to have, what is important is that you, as a hotel guest, enjoy your stay in the hotel and that you get the high quality of service that you expect, whether it be a four-star hotel or a five-star one.