Fasteners Come In Different Sizes And Colors To Match Your Store

fasteners | Fasteners Come In Different Sizes And Colors To Match Your Store | Retail business involves endless sales, promotions, special events, and clearances regularly. All these mean adjustments in prices. A tagging gun comes in handy to allow swift and able adjustment of prices at a moment’s notice. This ensures that the price of your products is up to date. Tagging guns use accessories like fasteners to adjust prices easily and frequently. 

In a retail store, shoppers expect to find all items with price tags for convenience. This saves time for taking the item to an attendant to ask for the price. Appropriate pricing encourages sells while secure tags ensure items move. The price tags are attached to the item with a tagging gun loaded with fasteners. These tags piece the item to hold the tag securely in place. 

Choosing tagging fasteners

The ideal fasteners are designed for use on a range of fabrics while meeting the needs of your retail needs regardless of project size. Fasteners attach labels to clothes, toys, garments, socks, luggage, or bags. These should be lightweight for handled held operation and durable enough to go through the materials without breaking. 

Tagging fasteners for every pricing task 

Fasteners are fed into a tagging gun for shooting through items. These come in various colors, designs, and sizes to match every purpose. Some of the options for tagging gun fasteners include:

Regular/standard tagging gun fasteners

These are the most common for regular retail applications including tagging apparel and other accessories including hats, purses, shoes, and socks. You can get tagging gun fasteners for deterring ticket switching in your store since they require cutting when removing them. Quality standard fasteners have a larger paddle to eliminate the chances of coming back through the hole after application. These work with any standard tagging gun for fabrics including:

  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Light denim
  • Polyester
  • Synthetic
  • Water washing of jeans

Using standard fasteners requires a regular tagging gun appropriate for general purpose tagging of items including sweatshirts, blue jeans, stuffed animals, sweaters, t-shirts, pillows, and other clothing made from heavier material. The tagging gun for this application requires a needle that goes through ½ inches. 

Fine fabric fasteners 

These are fasteners for tagging fine fabrics to match your price adjustment needs. Keeping a regular supply of these fasteners allows seamlessly changeovers of prices quickly to match market trends. Needs for tagging guns using fine fabric fasteners are 50 percent smaller and ¼ inch shorter than those for inserting regular tagging fasteners do. Keep in mind that the maximum thickness the tagging gun for fine fabric will piece through is about ¼ inch.

J-Hook tagging barbs

Hook tagging gun fasteners are ideal for displaying lightweight items on peg hook. These come in clear and various colors to make tracking stock rotation easily. A single color is used for a particular product for easier tracking. Hook fasteners are more appropriate for products including stuffed toys, holster, and headgear. 

Using tagging fasteners 

Each type of fasteners requires using specific needles and tagging gun. Before handling a large project, testing is necessary. Do this by placing the fastener in a spot where the tiny hole won’t be noticed easily. Alternatively, you can just place the fastener through the garment size tag. This ensures that the tiny hole created during the tagging process won’t cause noticeable damage to the garment. 

Care while using the tagging gun

Take caution while using the tagging gun since the needle is extremely sharp. This can cause serious injury. You can eliminate the chances of getting stuck by the needle when you wear protective gloves. Additionally, don’t forget to replace the needle guard after tagging. Push the “T” end of the fastener gently into the “T” slot on the top of the tagging gun to go in as much as possible. 

To feed the fasteners into the tagging gun, remove the needle plastic cover before squeezing the trigger. This allows proper feeding of the fasteners in the needle. With some pressure, push down the clip while squeezing the trigger so the fasteners feed nicely. 

Placing the price tag

Working the needle into the fabric with the price tag placed over pushes the tag and fabric against the front of the tagging gun. Squeeze the trigger and pull the gun away from the garment. This withdraws the needle while pulling the faster from others in the clip making it attach the price tag on the item. The tag remains surely attached to the item until removing is necessary. 

Wrapping up

A tagging gun is a handy item to matching the pricing needs of any retail business. Apart from making the store organized, it becomes easier for shoppers to pick items after checking the price tag. Using a tagging gun requires accessories including fasteners. These come in a range of sizes, colors, and designs to match all the pricing needs of your store.