Exercises During Pregnancy: What To Avoid and How To Get The Best Benefits

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Exercises During Pregnancy: What To Avoid and How To Get The Best Benefits | For a majority of pregnant women, exercising is not only safe but also highly beneficial for the baby as well. Staying fit during the pregnancy period can be one of the most beneficial things a mother can do for themselves and their babies health. Although a change of clothes such as maternity activewear would be helpful for movement, certain exercises are best avoided as they can be stressful for the growing foetus. Take a look at some of the exercises given below recommended by doctors and experts for pregnant mothers.

Working Out With The Baby Bump:

Although there aren’t any severe repercussions of working out reported yet, pregnant mothers are advised to keep the pace slow and take a few extra precautions for the baby’s safety. But before any kind of workout routine is even considered, it is advised to fix an appointment with a health practitioner to get an idea of how often and how strenuous the workout should be. Health experts recommend getting at least two and a half hours of a moderately-paced aerobic exercise routine every week. Moderately paced aerobic exercises will increase the heartbeat rate and maximise the blood flow throughout the body, especially the growing fetus. In case of confusion, the Australian government has come up with proper guidelines for pregnant women to stay active and healthy during pregnancy. These are the health benefits of regular exercises for expecting mothers: 

  1. Gives that extra boost of energy and strengthens the heart, lungs and circulatory system. 
  2. Keeps a check on the weight gained during pregnancy 
  3. Reduce discomforts such as back pain and strain on feet. 
  4. Improves the chances for good quality sleep and prepares the body for stress. 
  5. Reduces the risk for any complications during pregnancy. 

Exercises To Avoid And Exercises That Are Safe:  

Expecting mothers who have been working out before pregnancy can continue with the same routine at a moderate pace. Instead of tight workout clothes, the only change is to buy some maternity activewear, as they are easy and comfortable to move in. Unless the doctor recommends otherwise or if the woman has any medical complications, there’s no problem with regular physical activities. However, refrain from these exercises and activities mentioned below as they can induce stress and pressure on the body and the growing baby.

  1. Don’t go for any physical activity that increases the chance of falling or injury. Activities like snowboarding, skating, contact sports and other activities need to be completely avoided. 
  2. Sports that change the pressure or the altitude that is not otherwise normal for the expectant mother. Taking a trip to a high altitude area is not recommended due to the change in pressure that can be uncomfortable as the body adapts. The same goes for scuba diving. 
  3. Exercises that involve sudden movements, jerky motion, jumping or complex and strenuous abdominal motion need to be abstained from till birth. 
  4. Exercising in extreme temperatures like too hot or too cold is not recommended.
  5. Stretching exercises that put too much tension on the body. Moderate stretching with light yoga is okay and even encouraged during pregnancy. 

Recommended Exercises:

  1. Aerobic exercises such as cardio.
  2. Yoga, specifically prenatal yoga, with some light stretching routines. 
  3. Pilates.
  4. Walking.
  5. Stationary Bike Riding.
  6. Strength exercises specifically aimed at pregnant women.

It is normal to feel lightheaded or dizzy during workouts, and resting after every session is advised. But if there are any serious symptoms such as pain, vomiting or struggling to breathe normally, get in touch with a doctor or health practitioner immediately.

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