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ExecutiveChronicles.com | Executive Recruitment – Headhunting Services that Work | Are you looking for talent to fill a vacancy within your organization? You have come to the right place. Nowadays, finding talent is not an easy task. Companies looking to recruit talent, especially executives and other specialized talent find themselves facing several challenges. From talent war with other organizations to lack of enough skilled and/or experienced talent, finding employees to fill vacancies is not an easy task. But what if there is an easy way you can use to find a candidate with just the right skills you are looking for? With the help of an executive recruitment firm such as Stone Executive Recruitment in the UK, you can find the perfect personnel to fill your vacancies, and without having to go through all the hassles of traditional recruitment.

What is Executive Recruitment?

Executive recruitment, also referred to as headhunting is the practice by which executive search firms search for and locate candidates to fill senior level management and specialized positions in the organization that hires them. Executive recruitment is one of the top strategies used by large organizations when they are looking for highly skilled talent that might not be readily or easily available. The experts at SPMB are seasoned veterans of executive search with resources to find top-tier talent that in-house HR simply can’t compete with.

How is Executive Recruitment Different from Standard Recruitment?

There are three main ways that an organization can use to fill their vacant positions:

  • Internal recruiting using in-house hiring manager(s)
  • Using recruitment agencies
  • Using headhunters (executive recruitment)

So, how does executive recruitment differ from these other types of recruitment? Well, for starters, recruitment through headhunting is usually used when an organization is looking to hire a senior employee, for example, CEO, CIO, CFO, etc. It can also be used when looking to hire critical employees, for example, engineers, programmers, and so on. Hiring managers and recruitment agencies, on the other hand, are used to fill almost any type of vacancy, from low positions such as interns to senior level management.

The other difference between headhunting and standard recruitment is in how the positions are filled. For standard recruitment, the hiring managers and recruitment agencies will usually advertise the vacant positions. Once the job candidates (mostly active job seekers) reply to the advert, the suitable will be selected, interviewed, and then best available candidates chosen for the job. In the case of recruitment agencies, the best available candidates will be forwarded to an organization looking to hire.

Headhunters are, however, different in that they search for the best candidates to fill the vacant position. More often than not, these candidates are ones employed at other organizations in the same role as the vacant position in the hiring organizations. Therefore, they are more like bounty hunters of the job industry. You also don’t need to worry about location when it comes to staffing agencies. Many can be found all over the world in various regions and there are plenty of staffing agencies in Washington DC that would love to show you their top talent. You also don’t need to be located in DC to use the staffing agency either as many people are willing to move all around.

Benefits of Using an Executive Recruitment Firm?

There are several benefits to using headhunters as opposed to standard recruitment option. These include:

  • Headhunters have a wider reach

Regular recruitment agencies and in-house hiring staff will (almost always) hire candidates actively seeking for a position, and who see and reply to the advert for the vacancy. Executive search firms, on the other hand, utilize a number of resources to search for candidates. These resources include industry connections, researching competitors, online CV search, searching through online articles and blog posts, research papers, social media platforms, and other areas where they can find the required skills.

Headhunters, therefore, have a far much wider reach in both the visible (active job seekers) and hidden (passive job seekers) job markets. As a result, using them to recruit for your organization is almost a sure guarantee of highly skilled talent – the best there is in the market.

  • Using a headhunter can save your organization time and money

Compared to an internal hiring team, using an executive recruitment team can save your organization a lot of time and money. In terms of the true recruitment costs, headhunting only requires you to pay a one-time fee when you need to hire a candidate. This can be significantly cheaper compared to an in-house hiring team, which will require to be paid month after month.

On top of saving you money, using a headhunter can save your organization a lot of time. Instead of spending a lot of man hours advertising and filling a vacant position, you pass on that job to the headhunters. As a result, you and your employees are free to focus on other important tasks in the organization, for example, day to day operations. Using a headhunter also has the added benefit of saving you from the hassles of finding talent – which can be quite a stressful process.

  • Executive recruitment reduces the risk of bad hires

One of the major challenges facing organizations during the recruitment process is a bad hire. These are employees who seem good on the paper, but for one reason or another, are not suitable for the position. The worst part about bad hires is that the unattractive employee traits are discovered long after the hiring process, which can cost an organization a lot of money.

Luckily, when you are using a headhunter, the chances of getting a bad hire are extremely low. This is because they focus on finding the best candidate, instead of choosing the “best” from a candidate pool that has applied for the position. On top of that, headhunters are only paid when the candidate they have chosen works out, and as such, they usually offer guarantees alongside their executive headhunting services.

  • Executive recruitment offers you an edge over the competition

Talent wars are quite common in the job industry, especially among top organizations in various fields. The competition for the talent is extremely high sometimes, there is a shortage of skilled talent. If your organization operates in a field that suffers from talent war, using a headhunter can give you the much-needed edge. This is due to the fact that a good headhunter will use all resources at their disposal, including hunting for talent from your competitors.

Are you having trouble filling a vacant position? Or are you looking to hire only the best talent in the market? Executive recruitment is the solution you are looking for. Unlike standard recruitment, executive search and recruitment offers you access to the best talent in the market, thus guaranteeing that your position is filled with the best candidate.