Exciting Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Partner Amid the Pandemic

Exciting Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Partner Amid the Pandemic

ExecutiveChronicles.com | Exciting Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Partner Amid the Pandemic | Australia has successfully flattened the curve. But the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over. The Department of Health stated that there are more than 27,000 cases in the country overall, with an estimated 304 of them active. However, this doesn’t mean you’re free to roam around without consequences. 

For one, some states are hit are harder than others. Victoria had over 20,209 cases whereas the Northern Territory only had 33. So if you live in these densely-populated areas, there’s still a good chance of catching the virus if you’re not careful. There is no cure or vaccine for COVID-19 yet, either, despite the record speeds at which development is going. 

You and your partner seem to have no choice but be stuck inside until the pandemic is under control. You can do only so many indoor activities in the span of half a year. And if you don’t live with your special someone, you probably haven’t seen each other outside of video calls.

Whether you want to experience new things with your special someone, or you just want to see them again before the year ends, outdoor activities are the way to go. ; 

Why Engage in Outdoor Activities

You may have doubts about safety. For one, the virus that causes COVID-19 is easily spread from person to person. It’s transmitted through respiratory droplets expelled through coughing, sneezing, or just simply talking. Recent studies have shown that it can live for hours to a few days on surfaces as well. 

Outdoor activities may be safer than indoor ones. This is because when you’re inside with little to no ventilation, respiratory droplets can hang in the air for a longer time, making the risk of infection higher than being outside. When you’re outdoors, the air is consistently circulating, so the virus doesn’t stay in one area for a long time. 

Being outdoors also has a variety of physical and mental health benefits. It helps you spend time in the sun, which is a great source of vitamin D. This helps in keeping your bones healthy and regulating your immune system and blood pressure. Just being in the presence of green spaces with trees and shrubs can also boost your mood and keep your stress levels low. 

Now that you know the benefits of outdoor activities, what are the safest ones you can do with your special someone during this pandemic? 

A Classic Way of Enjoying Films

Now that social distancing is the norm, cramped and enclosed movie theatres are out of the question. As such, theatre and movie companies are adapting to the situation by throwing back the classic drive-in theatres. For the uninitiated, these are large, open and paved areas with a large screen at the very front. You drive to your designated spot, roll down the windows a bit so you can hear the audio and watch the latest blockbusters from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Classic destinations like the Yatala Drive-in in the Gold Coast and Lunar Drive-In recently reopened to help Aussies enjoy the movies the love in complete safety. 

Enjoy the Natural Waters

If you want to unwind, visit your local beach or lake. There are a variety of activities to do in Australian waters, like kayaking and catching epic swordfishes, snappers, tunas and marlins in offshore fishing charters in the Gold Coast. This is better than visiting the local pool, as it’s often just you and your partner in the middle of the lake or sea. If you have an instructor joining you, make sure that you’re all wearing the necessary protective gear like masks. Don’t forget your carts for kayaks and make sure you wash your hands before and after you handle your equipment, too.  

Have a Lovely Picnic

Ask yourself, when’s the last time you and your partner had a picnic date? Ditch the restaurant seats. Order takeout or even make your own charcuterie board. Enjoy your delicious food in the fresh air of the park. Being in a green space and eating great food with your loved one is always a great temporary escape from the stress of remote work and the repercussions of the pandemic. 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has hit Australia hard, with thousands of people stuck in their home for more than half a year. If you and your partner are bored with all the indoor activities you’ve been doing, want to have a vacation activity with the kids, or you want to see each other after so many months, give the great outdoors a try. These activities are not only fun, but they also keep you relatively safe from the virus.