Everything You Need To Know And Understand About The Stubborn Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

ExecutiveChronicles.com | Everything You Need To Know And Understand About The Stubborn Blocked Drains | Out of the various plumbing issues that one can encounter, a blocked drain is the most tedious one. You will miss or overlook the warning signs half of the times, and by the time you will realize, it will be late. After that, either you will hire a random plumber in haste or suffer from a damaged drainage pipe. This is why it’s better to understand the basics of blocked drains so that you don’t oversee them the next time you see the signs. 

In this article, we will talk about the causes of stubborn blocked drains, the warning signs to identify them, and the consequences of such a situation. 

What Causes A Drain To Get Blocked?

The first thing you should know about is the list of factors that lead to stubborn blocked drains. This will clear your head and give you an accurate picture. 

  • Iron rust and corrosion is one of the common causes of blocked drains. 
  • Any bigger object stuck in the drain will block the pathway. 
  • Under grown roots of the tree usually lead to stubborn blocked drains on the outsides. 
  • The presence of paper, wipes, or plastics most likely slow down the water movement, thereby forming a block. 
  • A broken pipe is also one of the major causes of having blocked drainage system. 
  • An improperly cleaned sewer pipe will suffer from blocks if you do not pay attention. 
  • Fats and grease are another reason why the drains develop a block, not letting the water pass easily. 

What Signs Of Blocked Drains You Should Look Out For? 

Since now you know the causative factors of the stubborn blocked drains, it is your responsibility to learn about the symptoms of such drainage conditions. This will allow you to identify the issue quickly without any delay and the consequences can be prevented. Blocked Drains.

  1. Smell: Often you will find that the drain openings smell pretty bad. There will be a pungent odour which will instantly make you nauseatic. This is one of the prime signs of a blocked drain. 
  2. Water Overflow: Sometimes you will find that the water is not passing down the pipe connected to the drainage system. This means that either the pipe is broken or there is a big block which is not allowing the water to pass through. 
  3. Slower Speed Of Water Passing: If the water is passing slowly compared to the normal speed, it usually means that a block is forming in the drainage. This is an early sign which, if appropriately identified will help you save much money. 
  4. Gurgling Sound: if you hear a strange, weird gurgling noise, it probably means a block is present in the drainage. This usually happens with the toilet flushes or the taps. 

What Are The Consequences Of A Blocked Drain?

For you to understand the seriousness of a blocked drain, you need to know the consequences one usually faces. 

  • Blocked drains will not let the water pass smoothly. This will cause flooding in the nearby area, which can be your basin, the bathroom drain, or anything else. 
  • The stubborn blocked drains usually cause damage to the rest parts of the drainage system also, if they are not repaired instantly. 
  • Sometimes, the blocks become so huge that you need to replace the entire pipe, automatically increasing your expenses. 
  • Blocked drains are not hygienic. They are the main sources of several diseases, so removing them is essential. 


It is not uncommon to have blocked drains now and then. In most cases, these blocks can be repaired by own only, especially if the blocking factor is a tuft of hair or broken splinters at the mouth of the drain. However, in the case of invisible stubborn blocked drains, you will have to call expert plumber in dealing with such issues.