Every Little Detail About Balustrade Handrails One Needs To Know

Balustrade Handrails

ExecutiveChronicles.com | Every Little Detail About Balustrade Handrails One Needs To Know |Staircases are an integral part of any house. The staircases are meant for upward and downward traversal of the house. Glass balustrades and metallic handrails are sturdy and they give the much-needed security and protection to any living or commercial space. These are the key things that determine the design, style, and look of the entire staircase. Here in this article, we will discuss a single such component, i.e., handrails and, more specifically, balustrade handrails. 

What Is Balustrade?

Balustrade refers to the column-like pillars that lie between the staircase and handrails. These are often made from iron, wood, and cement. Nowadays, with modern technology, even glass is being used in the balustrade.

Balustrade handrails are used to give support to stairs and the people walking on it. They provide safety and protection to the homeowners. The handrails are strong and if you have children at home the right balustrade can also protect them while they are playing. These balustrade handrails come in different types with different usefulness and other requirements.

Types Of Balustrade Handrails

Balustrade handrails come in different types. These types have different resourcefulness. We shall discuss these types in detail in this section.

Wooden Balustrade: Wooden structures are the staple of balustrade handrails. In such cases, the handrails tend to weigh less. Wood tends to hold less weight than any other substance. The advantage that wood handrails are they are more customize and fit perfectly with the overall design. Wood that you use needs to be durable and you can also customize the designs as per requirement. 

Cement Balustrade: These types of handrails are appropriate for those staircases that are made entirely from cement. These handrails are mostly installed outside the premises for a Grecian look.

Iron Balustrade: The iron balustrade is often used with staircases made from steel. Sometimes they are even utilized with wooden stairs as well. The most valuable part of such balustrade is that they can have either a straightforward and simple design or designed in an intricate pattern.

Glass Balustrade: This type of balustrade handrails has been used more nowadays in modern and stylish houses. These balustrades work well with wood or cement stairs and other various types of handrails. These handrails tend to provide less privacy as the upper floor becomes visible from downstairs through the visible glass. Sometimes, these glasses are covered with a black film to provide some privacy. The only downside to these types of balustrades take less space, they are easy to clean and maintain and they do not allow excess light, heat or moisture to accumulate within a certain space. 

Wire Balustrade: Unlike the other ones, the wire balustrade is not only limited to a columnar or vertical design. These types of balustrade tend to be placed in a vertical manner. Outdoor terraces and balconies are the most common places that wire balustrades can be seen.

All these types of balustrades differ in materials used as well as the design. Many house owners and interior designers tend to use a mixture of these different types of balustrade to make the house look more attractive. For example, it is common to see that houses have a mixture of glass and metal balustrades to give the stairs a more of an aesthetic look.


Balustrade refers to the supporting columns that are used to hold stairs and the handrails together. These balustrade handrails provide extra safety and support to the people walking on the stairs and are extremely helpful for the children. These handrails come in different types. These types are often used in mixtures to create an innovative look.