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A day in an executive businessman’s life is similar to a week-long workload for an employee. For them, there are things that need to be accomplished urgently within business hours. They also stand as the leader, the creative, the mechanic, or the manager at any given time. Indeed, being a business executive is a tough job, yet they are very much driven to succeed. One way they empower themselves on a daily basis is by equipping themselves with their essentials. What are these essentials you need to carry as the chic executive businessman that you are? Read on.

A Wristwatch for fashionable business dealings.

Executive Businessman Watch - Executive ChroniclesWhat sparks an executive businessman’s productivity is not the choices they make, but their decision to act gracefully under pressure. This is where wearing a fashionable wristwatch from Tempus such as Rado or Tissot comes into play – especially in business dealings. Wristwatches get rid of the distractions and focus on the most important resource: time. It helps you to arrive promptly at your meetings which translates to giving respect. It also makes you look stylish, impressing your clients or potential partners. A wristwatch that helps you standout makes it hard for people to forget you. The ticking of your wristwatch is there to remind you of the heartbeat of your business. Strap one on and close your deal with flying colors.

Smartphone for working smarter.

Executive Businessman Smartphone - Executive ChroniclesIn these days full of hardworking c-suites, what sets executive businessmen apart is their ability to always work smarter. That is possible with the use of hand-held technology such as smartphone full of efficient features.  Carrying it is like carrying a portable office anytime, everywhere. It allows you to make emails, calls, word files, worksheets, presentations and more.  In fact, executive businessmen can now monitor their offices or stores with CCTV cameras using their phones.

Bag for carrying the determined, authentic you.

Executive Businessman Bag - Executive ChroniclesWhile technology can deliver almost everything you need, there are still valuable things it cannot replace.  This is what makes executives bags—leather briefcases or practical attaché cases—still vital accessories.  You can slide here a chocolate bar to stir your creativity, pen, and papers for your note-taking, or a book that keeps you accompany when waiting for someone. Of course, this is where you put your other valuables and important documents, such as contracts.

Laptop for envisioning the detail and big picture. 

Executive Businessman Laptop - Executive ChroniclesThough smartphone promises mobility, at this point, it still cannot outdo a laptop’s capabilities. Whether B2B or B2C, laptops and hybrid tablets are still in use for presentations. Not only that, laptops keep execs in work mode when seeing spreadsheets, presentations, word files in their regular sizes. It also liberates them to open multiple files for detailed analysis or for envisioning the big picture.

Corporate outfits for business-ready appearance.

Executive Businessman Outfit - Executive ChroniclesIt is hard to imagine an executive businessman not owning blazers, sportscoat, neckties, chinos/khakis, pants, and leather shoes. These are the expected clothes of business-ready executives inside or outside of their offices. Donning clean and sophisticated corporate attire exhibits your business-ready persona.


Hand-free headset for highly focused talk.  

Executive Businessman Headset - Executive ChroniclesApart from the usual phone call, there are a bunch of communication apps available to download. Thus, there is no question that it is easy to make virtual interviews or video meetings. What needs to be remembered though is security, clarity, and focus when a businessman makes or receives calls. It is the reason why a hands-free headset is a must-have for you so that even while driving or in a noisy crowded place, you can make phone calls.

Business cards for opening connections.

Executive Businessman Card - Executive ChroniclesMany find business cards immaterial now because it is easy to search a prominent person online. In contrast, neglecting giving cards is giving up the chance to connect with clients. First and foremost, what is in your business card are your direct contact numbers and customized email address. Businessmen also use cards to break the ice during a conversation while at the same time delivering their elevator pitch smoothly.



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