5 Essential gadgets you need in Your Mobile Office

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles


Thanks to modern technology you can only stay online almost every time and everywhere.  You can even work outside the office or while sipping your mocha inside a cozy café. That’s also one the perks of going solo or freelancing, you can change your work environment as long as you are comfortable and have the paraphernalia you need.  If you’re thinking about what to bring so you’ll enjoy a mobile office- like set up everywhere, here the 5 basic things you need:

Laptop/ netbook/ Tablet

This is the essential gadget you need in your mobile office, especially if you compose letters, send emails, work on spreadsheets, and communicate with your clients through Skype or Google hangouts.  Thus, a reliable headset with volume and noise control is also important accessories to bring.

Secure that you’re portable computer has the applications or software you need like MS Office or similar, Google Chrome or Firefox, anti-virus, photo/ video editing, camera and others.


Even a basic mobile phone can help in your virtual office. Usually, the impulse of people for their immediate concerns or emergencies is to call and send SMS through cellphone.   However, it is advisable to get a smartphone because of its empowering features. Sometimes what you only need is smartphone or phablet in your virtual office depending on the tasks you do.

Digital Recorder

Smartphone and tablet have recorders, but it’s a hassle if you need to use those things for other functions such as calls and typing.  Digital recorder is perfect for when you have client meetings, attending seminars, interviews, and even simple personal note taking. Apart from the fact that human are fast talkers than writers, you’ll also feel confident that you don’t miss any important details if you record everything.

tablet-600649_640Power Bank

It’s still advisable to bring chargers, but anyhow a heavy duty portable power bank that suits to almost all of your gadgets will be your best buddy.   Another purpose of power bank is to cut the hassle of looking for outlets to charge in some establishments.

USB hub/ Flash drives/ portable hard drive/ memory cards

Like the floppy disks and diskettes, USBs becoming obsolete nowadays. However, as long as there’s USB ports in laptops and the Internet connection is unreliable don’t underestimate these little things.  You still need to copy important files offline and you’re giving your computer more storage spaces if you save your files in portable hard drive, memory card, or flash drive.