EON: The First in Neo Banking in the Philippines

EON - The First in Neo Banking in the Philippines - Executive Chronicles

Executive Chronicles | EON: The First in Neo Banking in the Philippines | Traditional banking – which basically means face to face banking — is still common practice in the Philippines. In this day and age when we have the so-called Generation Z entering the workforce in droves, people tend to look into alternative ways to avail of banking services. In fact,  because people nowadays use technologies and devices that push instant gratification, people expect some kind of instant banking services.

Union BankIt is common knowledge that the traditional way of going to a bank and wait in line reflects the EDSA traffic, so to speak. That’s why some banks have now been adopting new ways to digitize their operations and do away with face to face transactions. This is where EON, a Union Bank company, has led introducing their digital banking solutions or what some people also refer to as neo (for “new”) banking in the Philippines.

Neo Banking is simply digitizing banking interface with customers through mobile apps and personal computers. EON bank is such that it operates without physical branches. To a new generation of bank customers, it’s an amazing way to experience stress-free transactions while enjoying the comforts of your home while lounging around and watching your favorite movie on Netflix. That’s why EON is referred to as the first to have adopted neo banking in the Philippines.

EON PH: Let it rain.

Experience banking like online shopping! Open an EON account today. Visit eonbankph.com to learn more or download the EON app now.Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neo.mobilebankingiOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/eon-bank-ph/id1453034407?ls=1&mt=8

Posted by EON PH on Friday, August 23, 2019

As the Philippines’ first digital bank, EON is also the Philippines’ first and probably the best neo bank, offering a suite of banking products while leveraging on the latest technology to deliver an enjoyable experience, and backed-up by the strength of Unionbank.

It’s so easy to signup. Just go to the website of EON or you may download the EON app on App store or in Google Play store. Upon sign up, you’re ready to go! That’s how easy it is to open an account with EON,  the first in neo banking in the Philippines.

EONApart from the usual digital banking services, through EON, you can pay your bills and other products through the app. You may pay utility bills, school tuition fees, buy prepaid credits for telco, gaming, cable, electricity, and a lot more. The best part of this is you may even apply for nano loan. You may check other features through the EON website.

With EON spearheading neo banking in the Philippines, that’s less hassle and getting more time for the more important and fun things in life. What’s more, if you don’t have any wifi access, you may use the EON app using your data on any network for free! They also have a Visa card, which you may purchase in any Fone Kard Station and Mega One outlet.