Emotional Intelligence: Another Way to Boost Your Career

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Emotional IQ and You

Today’s market is more competitive than ever. The economy is growing at a steady rate and companies are expanding just as rapidly, which means there are more mid- and top-level management positions that need to be filled quickly.

There are many ways you can pursue those higher positions and advance your career. Getting an online MBA, for instance, is a common method used by many to push their careers forward.

Another approach you also need to consider is improving your emotional intelligence. According to a recent infographic by the University of Maryland, hiring managers actively seek candidates with high emotional intelligence for managerial positions.

This is due to the fact that people with high EI are better at managing conflicts, maintaining smooth operations and dealing with pressure. High EI also means you can understand others’ emotions better, making you a better candidate for managerial positions.

You can find out more about emotional intelligence and how you can develop yours from the Emotional IQ and You infographic by the University of Maryland.

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