Effortless Advertising – 5 Easy Ways To Market Your Business In Your Downtime

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ExecutiveChronicles.com | Effortless Advertising – 5 Easy Ways To Market Your Business In Your Downtime | If you’re like most business owners, you’re passionate about what your company offers to the world, but not so excited about the marketing side of things. Though it can seem like a drag, there are ways to make marketing enjoyable. The best part is, some strategies come at minimal or no cost. Read on to discover five effortless, and dare we say, fun ways to market your business in your downtime. 

1. Clever gift-giving

When ordering branded gifts and promotional products, many business owners still opt for the tried and tested coffee mugs, key chains, and pens. Though these can still be powerful products, they don’t have the attention-grabbing reach of something large, eye-catching, and practical like a fleet of promotional umbrellas. Give these to your staff and loyal customers, and whenever there’s a downpour or an intensely hot day, you’ll know they’re out there spreading the word about your brand.

2. Share what you love

Many businesses fall into the trap of focusing entirely on their products or services on their social media accounts. While you definitely need to promote yourself, share deals and competitions (more on this to come), and get people excited about your brand, posting exclusively branded content risks alienating your audience. 

Inject some personality into your social media presence by sharing content you find funny or inspiring, yet relevant. To do this well, you need to develop a personality for your brand and then tailor the things you share to suit. For example, a high-end fashion label probably wouldn’t share online comics or political memes, no matter how funny. Rather, they would share the latest fashion news. By contrast, a sporting goods store may want to share funny sports memes or inspiring stories of athletic achievement, depending on the voice they’ve chosen to create for their brand.  

3. Get social 

It’s essential to have a vibrant and active social media presence for your brand, but if all you’re doing is sharing your own content, you’re missing the “social” side of the social media equation. One of the best (yet surprisingly underutilized) ways to get your brand out there is to comment on other people’s posts. 

This could be businesses related to your industry, social media influencers, or even clients and customers of yours. If your comments are clever and on point, you’ll be able to win new fans, strengthen bonds with existing customers, and establish connections with relevant influencers and stakeholders.

4. Get social offline

Though we live in a digital era, it’s still important for business owners to develop a strong offline presence in their community. Getting involved in local events, particularly those designed to support good causes, will allow you to put a favorable face to your business. Bonus points if you take it up a level and organize a fundraiser or an event to promote community engagement and combat social isolation. A handful of gorgeous fabric banners and some thoughtful giveaways can be a very personal way to boost your profile in local communities.

5. Run competitions

The beauty of competitions is that you can include an incentive for people to share it with their friends, meaning once you’ve set the post up, people will do the work of marketing for you. Put together a tantalizing prize to market your business, such as some branded promotional products, set it up on social media, and you’ll be getting round-the-clock advertising with minimal effort required. 

Employ these tactics and you can transform the dreaded task of marketing your business into an entertaining activity you do for kicks in your spare time.