Effective Ways to Monitor and Track Progress at Construction Sites

Effective Ways to Monitor and Track Progress at Construction Sites Construction Contractor

ExecutiveChronicles | Effective Ways to Monitor and Track Progress at Construction Sites | There are multiple disasters that may arise from construction projects, including blown-out budgets, missing inventory, and not meeting deadlines. However, with efficient monitoring and tracking of progress at construction sites, project managers can ensure that they are on top of everything.  

Thanks to rising technology, multiple construction management software can prevent any pitfalls and streamline all these processes. This makes it easier for project managers to stay in the loop with everything going on. This article discusses how to monitor and track progress at construction sites and why doing so is important. 

Why Monitoring and Tracking Progress is Important

First and foremost, let’s discuss why it is imperative that construction managers monitor and track the progress of projects at construction sites. Monitoring is the only way managers can ensure that projects are meeting deadlines and staying within their budget. This becomes doubly important when the construction site is of massive size. 

However, manually checking for updates and walking around is not an entirely effective and practical way of monitoring and tracking progress. 

For this reason, it is important to employ the right tools to manage the project and track progress in real-time. 

Benefits of Project Tracking and Monitoring

A growing number of construction companies have started integrating specific construction management software because it streamlines processes and makes it easier to track the progress of projects. Here are some of the benefits doing so provides:

  • Lesser chance of delays
  • More accurate decision-making based on reliable information
  • Enhanced accountability 
  • Fewer chances of miscalculations and human errors
  • Prevents misunderstanding 

How to Monitor and Track Progress at Construction Sites 

By now, you might have realized how important real-time monitoring and tracking progress at construction sites are. Here is how you can leverage construction management software like this to do exactly that:


  • Create a Central Source of Data 


Construction management software provides a centralized [platform where all the necessary information regarding the project can be found by project managers, workers, and all other stakeholders. This information is uniform for all, which means that there will be fewer chances of miscommunications or problems arising from misinformation.


  • Pre-construction Tracking


Pre-construction tracking is significantly important in making sure that everything is on track. This can include setting up a budget, planning tasks, scheduling, and more. These tasks can become tedious if they have to be done manually. With the right system, pre-construction tracking can easily be streamlined. 


  • Set Up Task Tracking


Task tracking involves what each worker is doing. This helps to streamline project management as the manager is aware of what everyone is doing. As a result, this improves accountability and makes it easier to track where errors were made, if any. This will allow them to come up with better solutions as well.


  • Use Photo Documentation 


Photo documentation can significantly help in a number of ways, including avoiding litigation, tracking the progress of construction activities, and gathering references for the next project. Drones are used to capture scenes of the construction site, which means that project managers do not need to stay on-site at all times. 

The Bottom Line

By now, it is clear that traditional tracking and monitoring methods are not enough to ensure project deadlines are met. This is why construction management software can make the most tedious tasks easier.