Effective Ways to Improve Employee Attendance

Effective Ways to Improve Employee Attendance

ExecutiveChronicles.com | Effective Ways to Improve Employee Attendance | According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, full-time and salaried workers were absent at a rate of 2.9%. Workers across all fields miss work for many legitimate reasons. Illness, tragedy, or other family-related issues are the most common reasons people call off.

You know that a successful business is a fully staffed one. Though there are many legitimate reasons people call off,  a problem with employee attendance may mean deep trouble.

Don’t assume there’s nothing you can do. Read on to learn how to reduce employee absenteeism and how employee absence tracking can help.

Look Beyond the Employees

Competent managers understand that workers who are frequently absent from work signal a workplace culture problem. It’s easy for a manager or a business owner to blame the workers or cast them as lazy. You can’t do that.

Any manager who’s willing to accept responsibility should look for these factors when experiencing high rates of absenteeism:

  • Coworker conflict
  • Burnout symptoms and conflict with deadlines
  • Personal issues

A great way to keep track of who is missing work is employee attendance software. Compile your attendance data and make sure to meet with employees before serving any discipline. Their absences may be explainable or covered under the ADA or FMLA.

Employee Attendance Tracker

It’s hard to keep track of your employee’s whereabouts if you’re running a large company. Office workers often come and go as they please, and those on salary don’t punch a time clock every day.

One of the tools you have to see who is missing is an employee tracker. Time tracking software like that offered by timetrak.com allows you to collect employee work data. Though collecting data alone will not help curb absenteeism, it will help determine who is missing the most work.

Respect Your Workers

Show the people below you basic respect and dignity. This respect doesn’t mean you throw an office party every Friday (although that could help boost morale).

Tt means fair pay for a day’s work. It means a comprehensive benefits structure.

You may not be aware of the rising resentments workers feel for those at the top. It’s there, and as the economic divide cuts deeper between the haves and the have nots, resentments will grow.

Communicate openly with your workers, and make sure they understand the expectations. At the same time, don’t nickel and dime them to save a few bucks on your ledger. The more loyal you are to your workers, the more loyalty you will see in return.

Solve Employee Attendance Issues

Have you noticed certain employees not showing up for work? It could mean there’s a deeper issue in your current corporate culture. A lack of employee attendance will sink a company and is a tell-tale sign of low morale.

Don’t put your head in the sand, and don’t point the finger elsewhere. Solve your problems with an employee tracker and get to the bottom of it.

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