Effective Talent-Seeking Methods for HR Teams


Via Assessment Analytics|

Talent is a crucial part of any major business decision-making body. However, in the business, only about 52% has the talent and real ability to demonstrate HR’s significance to the organization. Even with the 73% of HR professionals seeing HR as something that supports the business in achieving its main goals instead of a meek desire of just keeping the business alive.

According to the CEB research, it is important to have innate talent in order to make sound decisions for the business. It is with a vital necessity that HR professionals also possess data and information to support line managers as well as have self-assurance that their performance should lead to the company’s bright future.

There are also some important things to consider in understanding the most essential role of HR Teams. These are the results of the Global Assessment Trends reports drawn from over 1,400 HR Professionals around the world. This report show trends among HRs as to how they can measure the capabilities and develop their employees’ potential. Some highlights from the report are as follows:

  1. Positive feedback or reaction from the candidates are highly valued by over 80% of HR Professionals.
  2. Less than half of these HR Professionals on the other hand, keep track of candidate feedbacks.
  3. Only 25% of firms have formal policies on using social media as an essential hiring tool.
  4. Organizations carefully assess and measure their talents before the hiring process.
  5. More than half of the HR Teams in the industry prioritize the development of internal talents rather than hiring new talents.
  6. High-potential talent is favored by firms around the globe.
  7. It is expected that firms use high-potential programs in their assessment process.
  8. Employee engagement and retention are the top two priorities of over 50% of HR Professionals by next year.
  9. Assessment completions on smartphones and other mobile devices were approved by over 40% of respondents.
  10. Assimilating assessments with information system as part of their external hiring process are only done by 34% of HR Departments.

There will also be new trends that HR Professionals should be aware of in the future. One is that they will see their employees in a different light. They will be able to give more value to their people and treat them as they treat their consumers/clients. Employees should be able to appreciate and support the company and its products and services.

In addition, we cannot always just rely on the internet. Depending too much on social media can give us both perks and disadvantages as it is not fully developed yet.