Educating Injured Workers about their Rights to Work Compensation

Educating Injured Worker

The heights that we humans have reached in our civilization can be attributed mainly to how we have been able to organize ourselves into units and communities.

With the advantages of an organized group we are able to achieve great successes, attain goals, dominate and utilize our environment.

The ability of humans to organize and regulate themselves and even improve the systems within which they work and coexist, has led to improved efficiency within the units.

Humans in the society have been able to improve, organize and regulate themselves through a system of laws.

The legal system prescribes the dos and don’ts, rights and obligations and finally crimes and the requisite punishments.

However, even as systems get more advanced and with the multiplicity of laws and regulations guiding the society, some individuals and even groups can still be ignorant of their rights duties and obligations in the society.

It is also possible that some may want to exploit the ignorance and inability of others for their own gain. For this purpose, it is important to educate people on their rights. For as it is normally said, knowledge is power.

What Are Rights?

As a concept as described here, this represents a body of ethical entitlements enshrined in law due to the people who exist and function within a legal system. These are the pillars upon which society and culture is built.

They may vary and take different forms and function in a variety of ways from one legal system to another. They however, are fundamentally the same at least in concept and are tailored towards the same goals.

These rights are fundamentally protected and couched in the constitution. 

In the society today, there are various types of rights, with each type having a theory or theories that gave rise to and supports it. 

At this point, we will shift our focus to how it affects the worker who is injured on the job. We will however start by asking one important question.

What Are the Rights of a Worker?

Generally, the various jurisdictions in and outside of the country have enacted various laws to protect workers or employees. But basically, workers’ rights can be classified into

  1. Right to fair pay.
  2. Work place safety.
  3. Protection from sexual and other kinds of harassment.
  4. Protection against employer retaliation.
  5. Protection against workplace discrimination based on gender, race or orientation.

Going back to our question, am I protected in any way if I get injured at work? What are my options?

The answer to the first question is in the affirmative and there are ways to go about getting what is called workers’ compensation. First you have to understand how to go about this in your specific location. This is because there might be slight variations from state to state and from one jurisdiction to the other on the appropriate steps to take.

The good news though is that there is a system in every state to help employees who suffer injuries at their work place.

Upon the occurrence of an injury to you, the first thing to do is to report the incidence and your condition to your employer.

Aside from this you have various options depending on the prevailing circumstances. These include:

  • The freedom to consult a doctor to start medical treatment.
  • The right to return to your job if so cleared by your doctor.
  • And if the injury is so disabling that you cannot return to work, you are entitled to some form of disability compensation.
  • If for any reason you do not agree with your employer, the insurance company or even the worker’s compensation court, you are at liberty to institute an action to challenge or even to appeal such decisions.
  • And of course, as with every other citizen, you are entitled to proper legal representation.
  • Finally, you have the option of refuse any offers that are not suitable to you. If an offer is made to you or you are being bullied or enticed into reaching an agreement with them, you can and should say no to such attempts.

 If still in doubt or there remain some confusion as to the various compensation laws and benefits, you can get more detailed information here: 


There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there as to what amounts to injured workers right to compensation. This is further compounded by people not going through the right channels for redress.

This write up is an attempt at reorienting people on their rights and how to go about enforcing it through the remedies already provided by law.