How To Earn Even Without A Boss


Mitzi Ilagan |

If you’re a fresh graduate, four months have passed already and you still haven’t got a job, that is a real problem that should be solved right away. It is a fact that finding a job is not easy especially when the universe conspires against you, but there are still ways on how you could earn even when you’re not in an office, even when you don’t have a boss. Here are the ways:

Try doing garage sales or make an online shop

This may be a cliché thing to do, but you sure would earn from this. Clean out your closet and cabinets and there will always be things that you won’t really need which could still be used by others. Remember to sell them in reasonable prices because after all, most of which you would sell are pre-loved or used already. By that, you could hit two birds with one stone. You earn money and get more space in one shot.

Do things online

If you would search it in Google, there will be numerous results for online jobs available in your country. Remember to read the details and check for reviews so that you could verify if it is real or not. In that way, you could still earn money even when you’re at home and some jobs are even bound for which working hours you would choose. Some websites include online tutoring, freelance writing and designing and the like.

Do what you know

If you would choose to do something which you don’t want to do but will give you enough money, it might be something that you would regret soon. If you want to bake cakes and cupcakes for your clients but you’re afraid you won’t be able to earn much from it, try to do it first then see for yourself. Pursue what you love and you’ll find yourself making the most out of it without being too bothered.

Do not do thing for free

Unless it’s your mom or your little sister, you should charge for something that you’re good at. Not everything could be bought for free nowadays, especially when it’s given much time and effort. You could charge per hour, or depending on what kind of work you did.

Be a freelancer

In some cases, freelancers are needed even when in corporate offices. First, you should grow your network to be able to meet people of different jobs and then introduce yourself as someone who could work for freelance on your chosen industry. Also, create an e-mail and business card which you could use for your freelance jobs.

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