Your Dream Business From Conception to Reality

Your Dream Business entrepreneur |  Everything that has ever been invented started out as an idea. Ideas are thoughts and thoughts can become things if the right systems are applied. There is one key to remember when the desire is to make a dream come to life and that’s radical action. There’s a lot of speculation about whether that’s true in some circles, but we can only speak from experience and what’s been proven the most successful and thought with action is a winner. To take action that’s productive is a different story, and that’s what we’ll teach you here.

Be Clear about your Intentions

The first thing that must be done is gaining clarity about what your mission is, why you want the type of business you want and what you intend to gain out of it.

Next, you should walk away from the answers you gave for one to three days. Don’t think about business intentions at all. If you get some kind of inspiration, write it down somewhere else and forget about it. Going back to your intended thoughts will give you the chance to revise. You may feel differently. Also, remember that it’s OK not to know everything all at once. You can revise as much as needed prior to investing any money.

The Next Physical Steps

The next steps are what we like to call the first physical steps. We’ve separated the system into mental and physical steps. Taking the aforementioned mental step of formulating your business intent will lead you to take your first physical steps. It’s natural to toggle between them. We did this to avoid the common pitfalls of jumping too far into a physical or a mental step and making mistakes.

The first physical step is to take care of all the legal stuff associated with your business. This means your business license, fictitious name search, and insurances. What you’ll need to do depends greatly on what type of business you have. It’s all online for you to research. If you don’t know what legal entity you should be it can be changed easily later on if you start out as a sole proprietor. You may have a liability risk with your company so incorporation may be best. This is so the company is liable and not you personally.

The next physical step is marketing and image. This is really the most important part of a company because you must get found by your potential clients. Your image is also very important. The website and the logo should be professionally done. There are freelance communities online that can do this at a very reasonable rate.

The next step is more or less physical and mental. Networking and an online presence are up to you. Project the image and the intent you set forth in steps one and two. Social media accounts should be set up. A word of advice, don’t set up an account on every platform. Start with the social media platform that’s best for your business and dominate that first. Start saving a little side cash and delegate some postings to other qualified people. You can find them in the same online freelance project boards as you did with your logo and website for maybe $5 per post etc.

The last step is a physical step and it’s last because now you can invest money safely. You understand what your business is about and what you need to make it a reality. Now, start investing in tools like paystub generator for payroll purposes, accounting software and automation.

Let’s talk automation for a moment. If you can’t yet afford to delegate postings there are programs with free, limited memberships that can do it for you. These are the steps to bring your dream business into the real world. They’re practical and simple to execute.