Why health is your wealth?

Credit: stocksnap.io /Khara Woods

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Naturally before you earn money and build your career, you have sacrifices to do.  You can’t watch your favorite TV show, play video games or simply pamper yourself as much you want.  On the other hand, breaking away from these and vices will let you concentrate on your career. There’s only a sacrifice you shouldn’t abuse and that’s your health.

Often we read encouraging notes about pushing ourselves to the limit.  This is for the reason not to slack and give up when you encounter struggles. Indeed, it takes stronger will power for every dream to become a reality. However if your health is too weak, your fantastic mind and financial capacity are almost nonsense. In fact, weak health can even drain your wealth in a snap.  Your emergency fund may not sustain your constant hospital visits.

We learn that for an emergency fund, we have to save at least three to six-month worth of our monthly expenses.   Even you have it already, maybe that whole fund is not enough for your medical expenses. It depends where’s hospital, how long the confinement, and the severity of the case.

In the report of Money Monster, treating heart disease can cause you Php 200, 000 to Php 1.5 million, and   cancers may demand you to spend more than 2 million depending on what stage and type. Besides these, curing kidney problems are also quite expensive as the operation alone is about Php 1-2 million.

Credit: Bethany Legg/Unsplash

“Dialysis which is usually a required treatment for kidney problems can cost 3000 – 4000 pesos per session and can be required 3 times per week for years. This means someone undergoing dialysis could be spending over 40,000 pesos per month just on the dialysis procedure.

These illnesses are the worst cases, but we know that these are actually can be products of stress, sleep deprivation, work depression, and other health hazards at work. Indeed, we need to do some sacrifices but that’s include our health.