Does Your Child Need Right Brain Development?

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Executive Chronicles| Does Your Child Need Right Brain Development? |After the pandemic lockdown, many parents have taken the responsibility of teaching their children at home. Surprisingly, home-schooling has positive results. Children are performing better with personal coaching from their parents.

However, for children below four years old, the methods for early learning at home are different. Play-based learning programs are an effective way to reinforce learning in young children. Likewise, developing the right brain has resulted in children with maximum learning capacity.

The basics of building your toddler’s right brain

What is the difference between the right brain and the left brain?

For people to make full use of their brains, both the right and left portions of the brain need to be developed.

The left brain is the side where the following skills are emphasised:

  • Math
  • Analysis
  • Logic

The right brain, however, deals with:

  • Intuition
  • Arts
  • Visual skills
  • Auditory skills
  • Dreams and imagination

Most traditional schools have developed their curriculum to develop the left brain. However, educators are starting to realise that both sides need to be fully developed to achieve balanced learning.

Why is the right brain development necessary?

It is advisable for children below four years old to be exposed to learning modules focused on right brain development. Based on studies, right-brained children are:

  • Empathetic
  • Resilient
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Advanced memory skills

In addition to these qualities, right-brainers learn more by using the following learning strategies:

  • Instead of being told how to do something, they learn by being shown.
  • They solve problems by searching for patterns, whether similarities or differences.
  • In addition to writing, they draw to demonstrate their understanding.
  • They handle objects to “feel” how it works.
  • They are comfortable with answering open-ended questions.
  • They absorb groups of information rather than individual details.

Imagine this – if your child has developed both sides of their brain, their capacity to learn will be higher.

Are there schools that focus on developing the right brain?

Fortunately, some schools promote early learning at home plus focus on right-brain development.

In a recent article, an Australian girl developed “photographic memory” as a result of attending classes in a brain training centre. According to one of its teachers, it is very easy for children to develop a photographic memory before reaching three years old.

What tools are used for right brain development?

If you are keen on introducing right-brain skills at home, here are some examples:

  • Videos

Educational videos develop creativity, imagination, and critical thinking.

Fortunately, there are online programs wherein you can watch these videos together with your toddler. To assist learning, they also send materials like flashcards.

  • Workbooks

In addition to videos, workbooks are necessary to write down and practise their memory skills. These materials are designed according to the child’s age. The goal is to keep them attentive and focused on learning.

  • Various Visual Aids

These include products like alphabet charts, clock cards, counters, building blocks, and CDs. They can be bought online as supplementary materials to the videos and workbooks.

As a result of these classes, parents have observed that their young children have a positive attitude to learning. They are also equipped with speed reading and mental maths, two necessary skills in studying.

Because of all these benefits, it is advisable to start early learning at home as soon as possible.

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