The Different Types of Signage For Your Business and The Reasons to Use Them

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Executive Chronicles | The Different Types of Signage For Your Business and The Reasons to Use Them | Before you open your business, you need to make sure you are buying the right signage for both the inside and outside area of the building. Without having the right signage to use, it may be difficult for any potential customers to realize your business is even there because it may just look like an empty building. While it is important to have a good sign installed on the building’s exterior, it is just as important to use other types of signs inside of the building. If you do not know what you will need, check out this simple list of different signs you need to get.

Storefront Signs

One of the most important signs for any business to have is the storefront sign. It is going to be the first thing a person will see when they are standing outside of the building. If you are trying to get a random person to walk into your store and do business with you by purchasing something you are selling, you need to make sure this sign is attractive and professional. There are a lot of different options when it comes to storefront signage, including channel letters and LED or LCD screens options that shine bright throughout the night.

You will need to choose the storefront sign from local sign companies for your business carefully. While some establishments choose to use channel letters that spell out the exact name of the store, you may prefer having a banner-style sign installed on your building that has a decorative design featuring your business logo. Try to remember that this is something that gives people an impression of your business and you want to make sure people in the area have the best impression possible before they come inside the building to see what you currently sell. Never rush the process of selecting the right storefront sign and always look at your options to ensure that you are choosing something that is perfect for your business.

Safety Signs

After you have reviewed different storefront sign options and have come up with one that is going to work best for your business, you should start checking out all the different types of safety signs. These options are important because you want to make your customers aware of things that are going on inside of the establishment. For example, if you have recently mopped the floor inside the building, you would not want someone to come in and slip on the floor because then they could get hurt and it would not look good on you and your business. Having a caution sign available to place on the floor would quickly let customers know that they need to be careful while they are walking around because the floor may be a bit slippery since it was recently cleaned.

Other safety signs may be used inside of your building, including a sign that lets people know where the fire exit is located and a sign that lets people know where a fire extinguisher is located inside of the building in the event of an emergency. If a fire were to occur, someone inside of the building could quickly rush over to that section of the building where the fire extinguisher is located, pull it out, and begin using it to quickly put out any flames. Customers would know where to exit the building to remain safe.

Feather Flags

Feather flags are commonly used for advertising purposes. This type of signage is often quite large, so it is not the kind of thing you would put inside of your establishment. In fact, most business owners choose to place these feather flags directly outside of their establishments to make people aware that they are open for business. If your establishment is located within a fairly short distance from a busy street or highway, you may want to invest in a set of feather flags because then people will easily see these flags from a distance and they may be interested enough to want to go over to your establishment to check things out.

The feather flags are available in different colors and designs. You can choose to have this type of signage custom-made to your liking with different words and details included. When choosing to use feather flags, make sure you select the right colors. While you want to choose colors that will help you get the extra attention, you do not want to mix and match too many colors or choose certain colors that are not attractive.

Lobby/Interior Signage

Additional lobby signage may be needed inside of your establishment. For example, if you have a dressing room where customers can try on different clothing items before making their purchases, you would want to have a sign that points them in the right direction so that they can find the dressing room with ease instead of walking all around the store to look for it. Aside from a dressing room sign, it is important to have bathroom signage placed inside of your establishment. Those who come into the building may need to use the bathroom at some point, so you should have one large bathroom sign and then a few separate signs for the men’s restroom, women’s restroom, and a family restroom if you have one.

When you are opening a business, investing in the right signs to use is important. You are going to need all different types of signage for both the inside of the establishment and the outside. Some of the different signs needed include something to place outside of the storefront to get attention, safety signage that makes people aware of wet floors and fire exits, feather flags to get even more attention, and different signs to put inside of the lobby for dressing rooms, bathrooms, and much more. While you may need to initially invest some money to get these different items, they are worth it because they will make your establishment look even better while possibly even helping you get more customers.