Developing Positive Attitude, Values and Ethics in the Workplace

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Ethics in a workplace, together with attitude, values, and behavior greatly affect how a company works. In most cases, these elements serve as ingredients to success within a company. Every organization has its rules on ethics in the workplace which its employees must follow for smooth-sailing processes and relationships.

In the first place, employees must be aware of the corporate culture within a workplace. They must know what the rest believes in, and what behavior must they show so that they could interact well. Corporate culture couldn’t be learned through meetings and discussion because it is often implied within the people.

When negativity exists in a workplace, then things would probably go wrong. Positive attitude in a workplace, on the other hand, would lead to having better employees and results. Employees must know how to develop their positive work attitude to yield positive outlook and behavior at work. When employees have positive work attitude, it may also lead to having more confidence, creativity, motivation, and focus.

Ethics in the workplace is also related to having positive work attitude. Ethics refers to the conduct acceptable within an organization or community. It serves as a guide in living the right way, in relation to one’s job or position. When people in an organization do not follow ethics in a workplace, then things may not run as how managers see it. Ethics affect how employees work every single day, so processes and tasks may also be affected. Ethics in a workplace is important, as it ensures the management that rules are followed, and that the employees are trustworthy and responsible as they do their jobs.

Employee or manager, each one has a role in maintaining the quality of work and life within a workplace. If you’re one who aims to know more why positive attitude, values, and ethics in a workplace matter, join the discussion as Dr. Virgel Binghay discusses “Developing Positive Attitude, Values, and Ethics in the Workplace”. This is happening on October 4, 2017, at the RCBC Plaza.

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