How to Develop Your Study Skills

Executive Chronicles |

When it comes to studying, the best case scenario is to maximize your study time by ‘working smarter, not harder.’ Sounds simple right? The reality can be very different as honing your study skills can take time to master but once you do, you will be much more efficient. There are a number of different items to consider when identifying your study skills and areas to develop.

How long you study for is very important. The optimum study time is actually 30 minutes as our brains can only concentrate for so long at a time. Our brains find it tough to process any new information that they try and take in after 90 minutes of studying, no matter how focused you think you are being. Studying in a 30 minute block, taking a five minute break and picking it up again, is much more effective.

Getting a good night’s rest and implementing a healthy balanced diet are lifestyle factors that have an effect on your ability to study effectively. Snacking on ‘brain foods’ such as nuts, seeds, yogurts and fish can help, along with taking 20 to 30 minute naps to refresh yourself can all help to assist with the study process.

For more ideas on how to optimize your study skills, view the infographic below which has been created by Study Medicine Europe.