Design of A Studio Apartment: What Ideas Should Be Taken as A Basis?

studio apartment | Design of A Studio Apartment: What Ideas Should Be Taken as A Basis? | The home improvement of a studio apartment is absolute freedom for the creativity of its owners. It seems that the lack of walls complicates the repair of the room. But actually, it is not. It is in the free space that the easiest way is to create an interior that will ideally suit your lifestyle.

To choose the best style for the room, you need to consider these nuances.

Architectural features. The choice of design depends on whether you plan the improvement in a newly built apartment, which was originally planned as a studio, or in housing, where walls were removed over time to free up space. Depending on the type of room, the area, ceiling height, number of windows and many other factors will vary. So, modern studios often have non-standard layouts: round walls or triangular rooms.

Lifestyle. Based on your basic needs, you can determine which functions in your home are primary and which are secondary. For example, how equipped the kitchen should be, whether a workplace would be needed, or whether there should be a separate sleeping place.

What Styles Are Especially Good for Studios?

  • Scandinavian

One of the most successful solutions for the studio, since such an apartment layout and Scandinavian style are at the peak of popularity. It is chosen for many reasons, one of which is a large number of light shades that will make even the darkest apartment brighter. As we already understood, the abundance of light colors in the interior – white, beige, pastel, makes recognizable style. Necessarily the presence of various wooden surfaces of a natural shade and a large number of colors, so the apartment will be replete with green blotches.

A wooden parquet or laminate is laid on the floor, which looks as close as possible to a natural tree. It is important that its shade matches the color of countertops, shelves and other furniture.

On the walls there should not be motley wallpapers, preferably any absence of a picture at all. You can glue light monophonic wallpaper or use light pastel paint.

  • Classic style studio apartment

Fans of exquisite style are more suitable for light classics. Its modern version is not so rich in details, and the furniture looks concise and restrained. This design is better for spacious rooms. It will look especially successful in old houses with high ceilings. The style can be further decorated with stucco or other characteristic finishes.

It is the decor of great importance in the design. Among the techniques that may be useful when improving a studio apartment, it is worth noting mirrors. You can decorate part of the wall with mirror tiles with facets, and it will visually extend the perspective of the room.

  • Loft

The loft-style studio is another modern, functional and very fashionable solution. Unlike the Scandinavian style, there is little light and airy in this style. “Urban” colors prevail here, such as gray concrete walls or red brickwork.

To make the interior look brighter and not gloomy, be sure to place interesting decorative elements in the interior and add juicy splashes of color.

For example – inserts from decorative tiles in the kitchen area, a bright refrigerator, seating on chairs or multi-colored lamps. Beams on the ceiling are another integral element of the loft. If they were not found in an ordinary apartment, you can build fake gypsum plasterboards and finish them from the boards to match the floor.

  • Minimalist studio

Minimalism allows you to equip the house only with what you really need for life. It does not accept any decor just for beauty. Furniture usually has strict laconic shapes and a minimum of decoration elements.

To add dynamism to the design, a contrasting combination of colors will help. Often a black-and-white tandem is created for this or bright summer colors are added. This can be done without much effort by simple tricks: a pair of bright paintings on the walls, original panels from sublimated plants (this way you will add minimalism to an eco-style) or simply with wall stickers. They can be selected with thematic inscriptions or silhouettes. See here for ideas on these wall decals.

Due to the mature design, the apartment will not be overloaded but will gain a free and spacious look.