An In-Depth Guide to Climbing the Career Ladder

Career Transition Tips During During The Pandemic new position Career Ladder

Few things are more frustrating than being stuck in a job that is seemingly below your skill level, especially if you are filled with ambition to progress in your career.

Unfortunately, if you feel stuck in a role with no direct route to progression, you might become disheartened with an industry or tempted to embark on a new career in a different field or organization.

However, before you rule yourself out of a company or industry, you should look for ways to progress in your profession. To help you get started, read the below in-depth guide to climbing the career ladder.

Connect with Your Employer

If you want to grow with a company, you need to connect with your boss. For example, make it your mission to help make your employer’s life much easier, such as regularly keeping them updated on a project, so they never need to ask.

It might also be helpful to set-up regular meetings to discuss tasks, processes or ideas, which could improve the company’s productivity and revenue. If you can demonstrate you are a team player and have the best intentions for the company, you will earn your employer’s respect.

Prove You’re a Go-Getter

Employers are looking to promote hard-working, dedicated employees, who are willing to go above and beyond for the company. To prove you are the go-getter they are looking for, arrive at work early each day, stay a little late to finish a project, and take initiative when working on a task or project. As a result, your hard work ethic and commitment could help you to secure a sought-after promotion over your colleagues.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Even on the gloomiest of days, you must maintain a positive attitude. Employers are looking to promote employees who can boost morale and help push a business through the toughest times. If you’re constantly pessimistic, they’ll believe you don’t have the right attitude to climb the corporate ladder.

Remember, no-one wants to work alongside a sourpuss, which is why you must maintain a glass half full outlook, smile when facing adversity, and avoid complaining each day.

Be a Team Player

Maintain your integrity throughout your career by never taking credit for another person’s work, which will prove you’re a team player. What’s more, you must avoid shifting blame onto your colleagues should a project fail. By sharing praise with your team and taking accountability for your mistakes, you’ll prove you’re an honest, fair person, which are great leadership qualities.

Complete an Online Degree Course

Do you believe a lack of qualifications could be holding you back in your career? Rather than settling for your current role, take the steps to grow your knowledge and skill set with an online course. It will fit around your part- or full-time career, so you can gain the qualifications you need to progress professionally.

There are also a wide variety of course programs to choose from to suit your needs. For example, if you’re a police officer, you could enter a leadership role in law enforcement by gaining a police studies degree from Laurier, which is an accredited university.

Find a Mentor

Mentorship will not only allow you to learn from a successful professional’s extensive knowledge and experience in an industry, but it could also be integral to your career advancement. It’s likely a mentor will sit down with you to evaluate your career goals and will provide advice regarding:

  • The qualifications you need to obtain
  • The attitude you need to adopt
  • The steps you can take in the workplace
  • The professional pitfalls you could potentially face

Identify if the business provides a mentorship program you can join, or reach out to a respected professional who you wish to emulate throughout your career.

Tackle the Tough Tasks

To climb your way through the ranks, you’ll need to tackle the tough tasks that people would much rather avoid. Aim to be the first person that puts their hand up for a challenge, which will show your boss you’re not afraid of a little hard work. It will make you stand out amongst your peers, so you’ll be the first person an employer considers when a career opportunity arises.

Communicate Your Ambition to Your Boss

If you want to prevent a colleague from securing a role over you, communicate your professional ambitions to your boss. If an employer understands you’re willing to step up to a new challenge, they might immediately consider you when a promotional opportunity appears.

If they state you’re not right for a promotion at this time, request their constructive feedback to identify the changes you need to make or qualifications you need to acquire to be considered in the future.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

If you want to prove to your employer or to professionals across the industry that you’re an industry expert, you must aim to showcase your knowledge and expertise as much as possible. For example, you could speak at a conference, write informative industry articles, or organize a learn at lunch program.

Give Others a Helping Hand

Many people make the mistake of thinking they need to adopt a cut-throat attitude to succeed in business. However, it’s a smarter decision to give your colleagues a helping hand when you can. Aim to pass on the knowledge and experience you have gained and help when requested.

Consequently, you will prove to your boss that you’re a born leader. Plus, your co-workers will be happy for you to progress in your career, instead of resenting your success.

Continue to Learn and Grow

The most successful leaders dedicate a proportion of their time to learning. To follow in their footsteps, set time aside to gain an in-depth knowledge of your field. As a result, you could improve the quality of your work while articulating expressing yourself during a meeting, conference, or brainstorming session.

By following the above career advancement tactics, you could quickly and easily climb the corporate ladder, while gaining the respect of both your employer and colleagues.