Dental Diligence – 5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Going To The Dentist

Cosmetic and Family Dentistry 9 Benefits of Getting Dental Veneers Dentist | Dental Diligence – 5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Going To The Dentist | Having healthy teeth and gums gives you more than just a fabulous smile. It also delivers whole-body health benefits you’ve probably never even considered. They say a healthy mouth leads to a healthy you, and thanks to a few significant scientific developments, this saying has never been more accurate. 

If you’ve ever shrugged off good oral hygiene (daily brushing, flossing, antiseptic rinsing, and regular visits to your dentist), you’d better pay attention as we discuss below the surprising health benefits of going to the dentist. 

1. Going to the Dentist is Good for Your Mental Well-being

Most people visit the dentist to keep their teeth looking great. Having a gorgeous smile does wonders for your self-esteem, which is vital for feeling good, both mentally and physically. 

If you have imperfect teeth (as most people do!), your dentist can use techniques like composite veneers, teeth whitening, braces, and more to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. With today’s advanced dental technology, there’s no reason to ever be self-conscious about your teeth again. 

2. Going to the Dentist Regularly May Reduce Heart Disease

While experts stop short of citing a direct link between poor oral health and cardiovascular disease, studies do suggest the two may be related. 

The research we have thus far suggests that chronic gum disease inflammation may lead to blocked blood vessels, stroke, and heart disease. Good daily oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist can play a part in protecting you from these health issues in the future. 

3. Regular Dental Visits Reduce Gingivitis, a Known Cause of Memory Loss

Memory loss is a fact of life as we age, but for adults with gingivitis (gum disease), it could be a real problem, according to the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry.

While memory loss is a complicated condition, with a lot of contributing factors, The Journal suggests that people with gingivitis were more likely to perform poorly on two major types of memory tests: delayed verbal recall and subtraction – both of which are used in daily life. 

Regular deep cleans from a dental hygienist will help keep gingivitis at bay and can potentially help you retain your memory as you age. 

4. Diabetes Diagnosis? Visit Your Dentist Regularly

People who live with diabetes often have problems with gum disease. Being diabetic leaves your body less able to fight off infection and inflammation, which is why diabetic adults often deal with poor oral health. It’s a given that it’s harder to control blood sugar levels when the body’s immune system is compromised. 

Your dentist can help you control your blood sugar levels by providing thorough cleans along with checkups to keep gingivitis at bay. In doing so, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to keeping those glucose levels in check. 

5. Dental Visits Are Vital When You’re Pregnant

Pregnant women tend to have more instances of gingivitis, thanks to an increase in hormones during that time. Gingivitis has been shown to cause preterm labor in some women. As such, it’s a good idea to keep your mouth in tip-top shape before and during pregnancy to help ensure you carry your baby to term. 

While most people hate going to the dentist, the surprising health benefits listed above make good arguments for doing so on a regular basis. If you’re one of the many people who avoid the dentist’s chair until it’s an emergency, be sure to consider how this affects you both mentally and physically, and then schedule an appointment!