Debunking the Most Common Vending Machine Business Myths

Debunking the Most Common Vending Machine Business Myths

Executive Chronicles | Debunking the Most Common Vending Machine Business Myths | Did you know there are over 7 million vending machines in the United States?

The convenience offered by vending machines can’t be overstated. This has been a significant contributor to the rise of the vending machine business.

With Millennials surpassing the baby boomers as the largest age group in America, the use of vending machines has sprung up. This is due to the convenience-centered lifestyle favored by millennials. For these reasons, vending machines are here to stay.

With the prevalent use of vending machines, numerous myths have come to be associated with them. And as the vending machine industry grows, the myths have flourished.

Follow me as we debunk some of the most common myths associated with vending machines.

Operating a Vending Machine Business Is Easy and Effortless

As is with any business, running a vending machine business carries its risks. Contrary to beliefs perpetuated by TV commercials, running a vending machine business isn’t plug and play. It depends on factors like vending machine location, servicing, stocking up, and more.

Vending Machines Require Exact Change

Long ago, this myth had some elements of truth to it. Back then, using vending machine required you to have change. As technological milestones are being achieved, this industry has caught up. Nowadays, best vending machines are able to handle any currency and offer appropriate change.

Some vending machines have card readers that allow use of cards for purchases.

Vending Machines Stock Unhealthy Foods

As more and more people become health-conscious, the fear is that vending machines only offer junk foods. The need to have people eating healthy foods has fueled this myth, and people are shunning vending machines.

The truth is, vending machines have come a long way to accommodate everyone. With technology, vending machines are stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with seeds and nuts, customers are spoilt for choice on healthy foods in a vending machine.

Vending Machine Offer Stale Food

Another popular myth that refrains people from using vending machines is that they sell stale foods. While the fear is valid, as one can’t tell when the products were stocked, it’s not true.

As the vending machine is a business, proprietors keep stock of the products in the vending machines, when they were stocked and the expiry. Also, with the use of software, proprietors can keep track of the shelf life of the products in the vending machines. Customers can also verify the expiry of such products through the customer applications.

Products in the Vending Machines Are Expensive

While products prices in vending machines are higher compared to shops, the difference is minimal. To remain relevant, a proprietor can’t overprice the products compared to the competition.

Earn Extra Income by Investing in a Vending Machine

Having debunked these popular myths on vending machines, you’re armored with the truth. Act now by investing in a vending machine business and earn yourself a passive income. Consult a reliable vending machine company to get the best deals possible.

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