De-cluttering offers quick money, fresh environment

Credit: Pixabay

MJ Gonzales │

Welcome 2016 not just with a bang, but also refreshing minimalist-inspired environment through de-cluttering!  Neat surrounding promotes smooth and calming atmosphere and at the same time, let’s you rediscover things like money-making opportunities.   Who knows your first capital for your business comes from your clutters.

According to “Living Simple, Free & Book” author Cristin Frank, things considered clutters are proof that you’re living with excess baggage. This excess comes involves eyesores that affect your feelings, work, and health.  The latter aspect makes sense especially if you have asthma or allergy in dust.

How to de-clutter?

To do it, the first in your to do list should be to sort out the obvious and possibly hidden clutters. Be honest in your assessment and to make it easier, consider the time that those things staying on their respective places because you don’t use them.

decluttering PixabayThe next is the segregation moment wherein you distinguish which have monetary, goodwill and no values at all.  The latter is easy to identify as most likely they’re print outs, tickets, receipts, wrappers etc.  However, you may consider cutting your print out papers so you can use them as memo or scratch papers. Meanwhile, receipts are useful to earn rewards or points in some supermarkets’ promos.  If these promos and recycling technique don’t interest you, then throw them properly along with no value stuff.

Things for donation and recycling or upcycling fall in the goodwill category. Prioritize giving donation to give hope and blessings. But in case you find items that are useless for others and you’re good in crafting, then you may consider DIY arts and crafts projects.

How to earn money from your clutters?

Usually clutters you’ll find are old books, magazines, gadgets, papers, boxes,  tools and containers; which are in fact,  valuable  for thrifty shops or online sites such as OLX, eBay, and Amazons.  If you’re not aware, there are people who are fond of collecting old items. Apart from them, thrifty people like to buy second-hand items for cheaper prices.

Going back to upcycling, arts and crafts made in recycled materials are also saleable. There are businessmen who are earning out of refurbishing scrap material or they’re the ones willing to buy recycled items. You just have to get their attention, as well other potential clients.

On the other hand, don’t forget also to collect coins and bills. They worth may be small when they’re scattered, but not if they’re one place.