Dance the Night Away: Dance Shoes and Their Types

Dance the Night Away
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Executive Chronicles | Dance the Night Away: Dance Shoes and Their Types | Dance is a beautiful form of art that requires the flexibility of body and mind. It can be considered a form of meditation that relieves the mind of stress and engages in the rhythm of nature. This art form requires flexibility and some other outward factors to make it the most amazing experience. They include dance clothes, space and music to perform to.

Speaking of dance clothes, something that always goes unnoticed is the very crucial dance shoes. The matching costumes, tights, bows and dresses call for equally matching or contrasting dance shoes to appear good during the performance. Moreover, each dance requires different types of shoes that make the performance more appealing.

The shoes vary according to the different surfaces on which the performances take place. The different types of shoes include Ballet shoe, Cuban heel, character shoes, dance sneakers, foot thongs, ghillies, pointe shoes, jazz shoes and many more.

Read on to find out more about the different types of dance shoes and their purpose. 

Ballroom Shoes

They come in different varieties and categories for ladies and men, ranging from the classical ballroom to Latin American ballroom shoes. The Latin American shoes have big heels, and they put more weight on the toes. On the other hand, the classical ballroom has a lower heel which causes the weight to be more evenly distributed on the feet. 

The ladies ballroom shoes come with a heel of two inches, while the men’s are usually one-inch heels with lace-ups. The material used is suede, and they come in matching and contrasting colours for the dress.

Tap Shoes

These shoes have a metal tap that is fixed to the bottom of the toe area and heel. The loud sound made by the metal tap when it hits the hard floor during the performance adds to the dance’s brilliance. As the term suggests, tap dance is known for the tapping sound created by the shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. 

A thin fiberboard which is known as a soundboard is attached to the sole of the shoe. The taps are glued or screwed to the soundboard, and they can be tightened or loosened to make different sounds according to the requirement. The glue has a lot of influence on the tone’s quality, and for the same reason, the material, shape and weight of the shoe are crucial. There are concave and convex shapes with thicker and thinner taps, along with smaller or thinner footprint areas. All of these act differently to the effect of the shoe. 

Dance Sneakers

They are light sneakers that have a reinforced rubber in the toe area of the shoe. It allows the dancers to stand effortlessly on their toes in a ballet manner. They come in different colours and sizes according to the preference of the user and their dresses. 


They are used mainly for Scottish highland dance, country dance and even Irish dance. They are softer shoes made of leather with criss-cross laces and take the shape of the foot. Gillies is commonly black, and they look similar to ballet shoes with full leather sole or a sole with two parts. 

Foot Thongs

They have partial coverage on the feet and provide less friction in the ball area. They also act as slip-ups during barefoot dancing. They are also significant in protecting the foot from getting injured during turns.


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