Improving customer experience through personalized marketing strategy tools

Boost Your Marketing Team Customer Experience 2020-Executive Chronicles

ExecutiveChronicles| Consumers all around the world are followed by ad campaigns everywhere they go, in the real world as well as the internet. There are ad campaigns on TV, radio networks, billboards as well as social media. However, for a business venture to survive in this cut-throat market, you will need to stand out of the crowd. According to our experts personalized marketing strategies are the need of the hour. In simple terms if you are looking to engage your consumer base in your products and make sure that every one of your users pays attention to each product and service, then the personal touch is vital Customer Experience. 

The Industry Insight

When a particular offer or an advertisement speaks directly to the consumer with respect to his/her interest, needs or requirements, you get better engagement metrics in return. This means the user will remain personally invested and engage with your content over the internet. This, in turn, makes for increased returns as far as sales are concerned. This is mainly because the customer is more likely to purchase from a firm or organization that he/she has previously interacted with. So, the bottom line is if you are looking to win consumers, a personalized marketing strategy is your winning bet Customer Experience. In other words, a consumer likes to view ads and offers that are in line with their own interest and requirements. If a campaign doesn’t appeal to the user base, the purchasing decisions won’t get based on the Customer Experience. 

The current picture

As things stand, almost all of the major marketing platforms like Google, YouTube and Facebook allow the targeting of consumers by several companies and business ventures alike. It is all about what the user interacts with on the internet or shows interest. For example, if a consumer is searching for any specific product, these social platforms will allow companies to push personalized ad campaigns and products directly to the user. This increases the chances of the purchase of Customer Experience. 

Yes, it has special benefits

It is all about how good you are at utilizing the capital and the efforts into the marketing campaign. Anyone can create ad blasts that are generic in nature and will cater to users irrespective of their gender, age, and interests. But the trick is in designing ad campaigns that are of actual interest to the consumer. This is how you can transform even a modest venture into a global giant and an easily recognizable brand. If you want to look at the success rate of personalized ad campaigns from a statistical point of view, then here is the first one for you. With personalized ad campaigns, acquisition costs are reduced by 50% and revenue is lifted by 10-15%. It also amounts to a 25% increase in the efficiency of marketing expenditure. 

Digital asset management platforms

If you are looking to indulge in personalized marketing strategies then there are tools to help you out. Personalizing marketing efforts can be streamlined with the help of Adobe Target or Acquia Lift. However, it is essential to understand that each option offers a solution for specific requirements. 

If it is all about personalizing the consumer-facing advertisements and product push campaigns then Adobe Target is the solution you need. However, if you require B2B marketing and the perfect, in-depth content then you should go for Acquia Lift. Yes, there are similar features on offer for both the platforms but depending on your requirement you need to find the right fit for your venture. 

So, you can see it is not just about the quality of the content anymore, but also about targeting the correct demographic and weeding out the wrong users. This will allow you to spend right as far as the marketing funds are concerned. Digital asset management platforms that allow you the power to customize marketing campaigns are the way to go in this day and age. 

About Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a very popular asset management tool for all types of business ventures irrespective of the size of operations. It allows you to micromanage every feature of your marketing strategy and efforts. Adobe Target offers you the advantage of A/B testing for several marketing strategies across different platforms. This results in advertisement and product campaigns that engage and excite customers Customer Experience. 

The tool also allows you to collect a database for every user depending on their likes, interests and previous interactions with a product or a service from your franchise. With a large enough data size, you can gain insights as to the interests and spending power of your customer base. Adobe Target is the perfect tool if you are looking to increase your revenue exponentially. Make sure that you do your research regarding the Adobe Target pricing and features before diving deep.  

About Acquia Lift

If you are working on Drupal websites then Acquia Lift is the option for you. There is a 2.0 iteration that is the rage right now with an improved 3.0 version in the pipeline. Keep in mind that this tool is compatible with any type of hosting platform and allows you to personalize and market a Drupal website that you are working on. 

There are many features that are comparable with the Adobe Target however, there are several variations of the Acquia Lift that are specific according to the scale of your operation. Keep in mind that there are the Standard Lift, the Premium and lastly, the Starter Lift packages. There are options for data warehouse where you are club data from CRM platforms or other marketing automation services. 

It is all about the data

Whether you are working with the Acquia Lift or the Adobe Target, it is all about the data; the data which is generated every time users engage or interact with your product or offers. All of the data is compiled into a very easy to read text file and you can use this to find out data points for individuals to zero in on the current trends of the market. 

Additionally, with a tool like the Acquia Lift there is the added benefit of content quality as well. You can modify and better the content, add pillar pages, videos and readable documents as per the requirement for your venture. Keep in mind it is all about anticipating the needs of the customer and personalized marketing strategy tools are just the thing you need.