Choosing Crowdlending as an Investment Option in the Philippines


A good investment option in the Philippines, as you look for one, should be with the best potentials and has a great return on your money, considering the financial and economic status of the country. Aside from investing in real estate, stocks, or mutual funds, crowdlending has made its ways into the industry as one of the competitive investment options available today.

Crowdlending, through a platform, lets investors lend parts of their money to borrowers. Through a system, the processes are being monitored by both lenders and investors. This is a technological development that puts convenience into people’s lives as they do transactions online. Here, private investors act as the “crowd”. They put in their money so that the borrowers could receive funding for their loans. The borrowers agree on payment terms which are most convenient to them, and then the investors get their money back with returns.

Most platforms let the borrowers and lenders view their transactions in a dashboard, so you as an investor could monitor the timetable of payments and the amounts for transparency. There is less risk in this kind of investment as your funds are diversified across different loans. Add to that, you wouldn’t need to check your funds or returns day by day in crowdlending platforms because the money grows by itself as more people borrow from your funds.

Borrowers tend to apply for loans in crowdlending platforms simply because they aren’t eligible to apply in banks, or their applications weren’t approved. Banks are stringent when it comes to requirements, with procedures which are too difficult to fulfill. Through crowdlending platforms, it has become easy for them to apply for a loan because most of the processes are done online.

For peer-to-peer lending, a platform called FundKo could be on top of your list as an investment option in the Philippines. It serves as a crowdlending platform between verified lenders and borrowers. It is a subsidiary of Guevent Development Corporation (GIDC), a company with over 50 years of operations in the Philippines.

As an investment option in the Philippines, FundKo surely could be on top of your choices as it has already delivered a historical yield of 11.5%. With the reasonable rates that it provides to the borrowers through the platform, it sure is an attractive investment to you as a lender and to the borrowers, as well. For as low as 15,000 pesos, you could start an investment through FundKo. Here, not only would you get good monthly returns but you also get to empower people as you help them fulfill their goals.


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