How to Create Healthy Competition Between Millenial Employees


By: Ana Margarita Olar |

Millennial employees are often viewed as the take-it-easy generation that works for works sake. It is challenging to manage millennial employees. Cultivating a healthy competition is twice the challenge.

You need a healthy competition for employees to grow personally and professionally. Here are some ways to foster healthy competition between millennial employees:


A vague goal may not work. As a manager, you need to present your millennials with specific goals.

Nowadays, millennials are more of working together and being harmonious with one another.

An unclear goal can cause conflict and confusion. A clear and well-defined goal will start a healthy competition.

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After the clear goal, there should also be a fun reward system. Promotion may not do the trick. This reward needs a lot of paperwork and qualification before you can give it.

Try something fun such as a vacation with pay, a gift certificate for a spa, a basket of groceries, or a simple token. Millennials become competitive but still keeping a good relationship with each other.


Millennials can work collaboratively so you can foster a healthy competition when you include them in a group and assign a task to them.

A healthy competition can help millennials feel motivated when they work with each other.


If there is no specific project or ongoing task, managers should see to it that employees continue to improve themselves.

Switch the task with other employees so that they go out of their comfort zone or relieved from their routine duties.

You can also pair them with other co-workers whose specialty is different from them so that they will learn from each other. In this way, they learn to be competitive because they would want to share more knowledge and skills with one another.


Another way to challenge millennials is to let them attend training and seminar which allows them to build and expand their network. Inculcate healthy competition by letting them meet other people outside the company.

Inculcate healthy competition by letting them meet other people outside the company.

Finally, even if employees don’t end the reach goal or a team didn’t “win” the competition. Grab this opportunity to tell the employees about their journey.

Talk to them one on one about how they felt during the competition and ask them what they could have done to succeed, how can they improve themselves, and what are they planning to do next time.