Coworking space, an answer to telecommuting problems?

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By MJ Gonzales │ | Telecommuting let’s you work from home or any places you want.  However, there are cases that you must settle in a presentable and convenient work place particularly if you constantly do business meetings.   On the other side, distraction such as dog barks and the feel of isolation are also some of the issues for home-based businessmen or workers.  Do you want to experience an office atmosphere again even you’re going solo? Then why don’t you avail a coworking space.

A coworking set up is ideal for solopreneurs, freelancers or startup enterprises. It is where a corporate ambiance is possible and mingling with other enterprising individuals happens daily because you’re renting a space in a building or unit complete with features commonly see in the office.   There’s a reception that will welcome your clients, room for your business presentation, and of course, a work station where you can work as long as you want.

According to Deskmag’s report coworking may entails extra cost, but the magazine cites that it helps for an individual to do coworking to improve  his or her sales, creativity, productivity, and success.

“One of the advantages of coworking is networking. Getting out of the house gives you the possibility to land new clients. When you work from home, it’s infinitely more difficult to meet new people. When you are working around other freelancers, you gain the opportunity to collaborate or offer your services,” Deskmag’s tip.

Though there’s such thing as home office, there are people don’t bite the idea as there are moments you are chatting with a client then your baby cries and you get distracted. Perhaps also you are trying to convince potential investors, but they don’t take you seriously because they can see your collection of teddy bears.

Meanwhile, CBC News reported that come 2018 there are about 12, 000 coworking building around the globe. It is a growing trend for career-oriented and business-minded people who get away from traditional set up of working.

“For me it’s flexibility. I’ve been working at home, but I had a baby,” TV producer Rene Brar  shared in his interview with CBC. “I needed a good space.”

In the Philippines, coworking hubs are also emerging particularly in the leading business districts such as Bonifacio Global City, Cebu City, Makati, Pasig, and Quezon City.  Thus it also adds extra points for one’s imaging apart from being accessible to meet more clients.

“Coworking represents relief from social isolation,” Francesca Zimmer-Santos, co.lab’s co-founder said in an interview with GMA News. “Instead of simply working alone at home, you can choose to go to a coworking space to do your work, and at the same time, cowork with others.”

“Coworking is more than an office with desks, tables and chairs. It is about connecting with others, engaging in human interaction, and learning to share. Not just sharing a space, but also knowledge, resources and ideas,” Santos added.

Meantime, Deskmag also shared that Coworking may not work for everyone as there are persons comfortable to work alone or their jobs have different requirements.