Corporate Class – 5 Ways for Sales Professionals to Stay Ahead of the Opposition

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There aren’t many fields more competitive and demanding than sales. With big money comes the responsibility of staying ahead of the game and in with the trends. That is true of any career filled with highly lucrative returns. Don’t waste your time or squander your skillset with ineffective strategies. Try these five ways to be a great sales professional even when the competition is stiff.

Create your brand

You may be the millionth salesmen of your product, but that doesn’t mean you get to slack or piggyback on the goodness of your product’s name. Create a digital and personal brand that applies to you and keep your name a trustworthy, memorable anchor in your client’s head. Being trustworthy is easy. Say what you mean and do what you say. Being memorable is even easier. Try branded corporate gifts that provide your customers with useful items and all of your important contact information. These are perfect for when your prospects are ready to seal the deal or to buy from you again.

Know your product

Never try to sell a product you don’t understand or wouldn’t use yourself. Your targets are going to see right through that and you’ll come off as disingenuous. Have a passion for your product will help you make the sale and keep reliable contact with customers for years to come. Your customer will appreciate your passion and possibly keep the flow of referrals coming in and offer you peace of mind.

Listen to your target

Just as you have to know your product, you have to know your customer. You do this by listening to them. Hear their story. Hear their problem. Offer them the solution in a way they’ll understand. After the sale is made, follow up as appropriate and make them feel you care and understand who they are. This will build your rapport, your brand, and your likeliness that they will give your name to others they trust.


Take pride in knowing your product and how it can solve your prospect’s problem. Be a respectable name they can trust. These priorities separate those who succeed and those who fall back from the competition. Don’t let frills or even being liked distract you from your real goals. Sales professionals are problem solvers. Stick to your guns and remember your mission. All else can fall to the side.

Get social

There are so many ways for social media to grow business. You can educate, promote, and reach out to customers in innovative, effective ways that are far more efficient than cold calling. Face it, we are a text and app society. Adapt to the new world and learn to wield its weapons. Take your advertising to Facebook, create content that reaches those in the market for your product on YouTube, or hashtag your way to potential buyers with relevant tips they’re likely to see. Technology moves fast and if you aren’t upping your game on social media, then you’re sure to find yourself left on the sidelines.

With mindful branding, a passion for your product, and social media savviness, you’re sure to cultivate skills that will continue to separate you from your rivals. Competition never plays easy and with these five tips, you can rest assured that your smarter work, not harder work will be the way you stay ahead of the game.