Cool Gear For Listening to Music on a Motorcycle—Plus Tips for a Safer Listening Experience

Cool Gear For Listening to Music on a Motorcycle

Cool Gear For Listening to Music on a Motorcycle—Plus Tips for a Safer Listening Experience | Safety should always come first when riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents kill over 5,000 people in the United States each year, and with motorcyclists more than 29 times more likely to die in an accident, it’s extremely important to make sure you’re safe every time you sit behind those handlebars.

For some motorcyclists, that means turning off the music, but that doesn’t mean you have to! There is some cool gear, as well as some easy tips, that can make listening to music safe and enjoyable.

Handlebar Speakers

There are a lot of speaker systems out there that are specialized for motorcycles. The trouble is, they can get expensive and they can be difficult to install. Not to mention, the placement of the speakers isn’t always ideal, which means you may find yourself turning up the music louder than you should just to make sure you can hear your favorite song.

An easy, affordable solution is handlebar speakers! These speakers don’t have to be wired to your bike, which makes them easy to install. They can be oriented to play the music in the direction you want, and they can be removed easily, should you decide you don’t want to listen to music at all. They are waterproof, and many have controls right in the front, so it’s easy for you to adjust the volume or switch songs while you’re driving.

Audio Helmet

Blasting music for the world to hear while you’re riding a motorcycle is likely to irritate other drivers on the road. Not to mention, the sound quality isn’t as good, especially since the music you’re listening to will be competing with the sound of your bike.

Instead, consider an audio helmet. These helmets include built-in speakers directly over your ears so you can hear the music clearly without blasting it for the whole world to hear.

Some of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets available today include:

  • FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet that features a single button
  • Torc T14B includes a noise-canceling mic
  • 1Storm Helmet, Spoiler, and Headset Combo includes a removable headset
  • ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular features an adjustable visor

Cell Phone Holder

There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to car cell phone mounts. There are things to consider when you’re shopping around for a motorcycle cell phone holder too!

You’ll want to consider where you’re going to clip it, as it could help you narrow down your options, depending on how the holder is designed. You have to make sure you choose one that’s big enough to hold your phone, and you may want to consider safety features, like protective casings.

Although it seems like a huge distraction to have your cell phone mounted on your motorcycle, it can actually keep you from being distracted. Instead of trying to listen to the GPS while it’s in your pocket, you can see it right in front of you. It also makes taking calls safer, as long as you’re also wearing a Bluetooth earpiece or helmet. Never try and text or hold your phone to talk while you’re riding.

Never Block Your Ears

Whether you decide to go with any of the music gear on this list or not, there are some safety considerations to be aware of when you’re listening to music.

You should never ride your motorcycle with headphones or block your ears in any way. It’s extremely unsafe because you can’t hear what’s happening around you. You can learn a lot about potential dangers, like animals, kids, and other vehicles, by hearing them! If you’re listening to music, make sure your ears aren’t obstructed so peripheral sounds can still be heard.

Make Sure You Can Stop the Music Quickly

Although it can be very enjoyable to listen to music, it is also a distraction, regardless of how high you have turned up the volume. You may need to focus on what’s happening in front of you at a moment’s notice, which is why you should be able to stop the music you’re listening to quickly.

A cell phone mount can help, if you’re listening to music through a Bluetooth speaker or headset. A helmet with a single on/off button can make turning off the music easy too.

Listening to music while you’re riding a motorcycle doesn’t have to result in an accident! Checkout the gear on this list, follow these safety tips, and you can stay safe while you’re on the road.